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    Ok for a start, there is a literal 0% chance Never intentionally removed the active user list. He probably updated the software and it defaulted to off and he didnt notice it or something. Second, as Enroh said, I cant RO dirizon because he hasnt done anything toxic, and if you think I should RO everyone who has been toxic to him, Id be ROing pretty much every single active user on the damn forum. I have already modded one person who was being directly insulting to him after they were told to stop. But the fact of the matter is he turned a tiny issue that requires a stupidly simple answer into a giant meme purely on his blatent refusal to answer it, and as I mentioned before, attempts to avoid it, so its kind of on him at the moment.
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    The stance is simply, say something so we can all move on. I am not going to RO him because he is not toxic. At all. I am merely trying to find a middle ground to appease all. Go have some breakfast (its 8am here) and relax. I think you are taking this way too seriously. We are all Carbon and Carbon is all of us. Surely you must know this.
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    Can you phrase your posts so they don't seem like they are randomly generated by a bad machine learning algorithm that imitates forum shitstorms?
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    I'd track you down for a kiss, hun
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    This is exactly how I feel and yes fuck the 1.0 map changes. Every previously usable area is now covered by some shitty TD hill or bush that's so obvious, yet you have no choice. I despise probably 97% of the maps in the game and it's probably my biggest problem with the game. All the other shit aside, if I had an option on where to actually go I would enjoy the game 10x more.
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