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    Learning how too 3 mark stuff

    unless you are doing a LT or med, I would not say view range is that important. Aiming and tracking (learn to do both at same time) are the single most beneficial pair. A whole bunch of pref tanks armed with 122mm beanbag guns, gain so much with tracking the target and dealing four hundred with it. Because assisted isn't tallied as combined, rather which of the two assisted was greater - don't get so over-hyped over spotting. Unless you are playing a light tank or situational meds / E25 Time required. You don't need to be like orzanel or Skill4ltu, and 3-mark vehicles in 85 games. Relax, play above avg, play consistent, over a span of three, four hundred and you will three mark it. I have seen the hellcats of many players in random skirm, they brag about a 3-mark Hellcat or cromwell, and their DPG is like eight hundred. Yet they have played 3K games for it. Likewise on the other end, one hundred games but dealing 1.2 or 1.3K won't 3-mark them, yet you are performing vastly better. Relax, play it out, and you will get it. And it won't take thousands of games it took others Consistency. Tactics. If you are doing something like S1, you maybe forced to turn off Ensk/Himmels. Shooting twice and dealing eight hundred is terrible, but shooting 15 times and dealing 3K+ is awesome. Remove the Himmels and Ensk, likewise increases the chances of prokh, Redshire, and Malin. It is all about consistency, don't play enraged it only ends up badly. Also, if you are playing vehicles like Skorp G, SU-PM, charioteer - don't be afraid to be aggressive late game / clean up. Spending HP can make all the difference Don't cap. Fight and die a warrior. Even if it means losing. Adding on 1K of assists and dmg end game, means infinitely more than even an invader medal and win from cap - ignore team chat. A win matters for WN8, not for Moe Tank choices. I know this one really does matter, but it matters enough for me to decide on tanks. IS7, WZ5A, T57 are a crap tonne whole hell of a lot harder to mark.....than an IS4, Type, Maus. Maus and Type may seem inflexible, predictable, and slow.....but just turn off prokh and malin....half your troubles are gone. Even campy, bushy maps like westfield, redshire, murovanka offer dedicated heavy flanks and some arty cover. 121, T62A, K91 are a tonne easier, than tanks like Patton, progetto, STB1 Ammunition. Doing somua, lorraine, or progetto? Why not all APCR. These tanks have the added bonus of being prem, even if you are going out and spending 65K on ammunition afterwards, you likely dealt lots and perhaps broke even, or lost only a little. Why not. Keep in mind, tanks like T57, Kran, Bat Chat may still need AP/APCR, because HEAT gets fucked over by tracks when shooting sides
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    Could you at least tell us why you dont want to tell us?
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    lol SERIOUSLY? They ignore the P-38 to fill the American tree with P-39 variants, a plane that we hardly used but shipped to the Russians in mass numbers, who seemed to like it? Aaaaand...this post gets negged. LOL
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    lol Sounds like they're no better than WG at balance.
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    Penis. Yes I ruined it. Fwark you all.
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