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    The real WTF is that you expect a F2P game to not power creep old content into the dumpster. You should know the deal by now @Diriz0n, it's not exactly rocket science and you're an old hand: Release OP content patch Whales throw money Poorbois cry Balance patch Sleep GOTO 1 It's the oldest story in the book with F2P games
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    Russian and Chinese tanks have always benefited from being well armoured and fast heavy tanks, and WG decisions recently giving them gun depression sucks. This initially started out as a thing unique to western tanks, not really well armoured, but with good turrets and the gun depression to use them. situational enough that they could seek higher ground and hold that ground against these Eastern tank designs. But that is all changing piece by piece, patch by patch, with the twin barrel tanks coming out with very strong turret armour, and good gun depression, where does that leave old tanks like T11OE5 113, WZ5A, K-91, obj 268 V 4, obj 263, Etc. Quite ridiculous, really. Late tier Chinese and Soviet tanks should be capped at -5 and -6 GD, because they have other benefits which western tanks don't get, that they basically -trade- for their gun depression advantage. Supposed advantage. IS4, ST-I, KV4, that shitty line can keep its gun depression because it actually needs all the help possible. A solution to this, would be to start 'easternizing' western tanks, as they have 'westernized' eastern tanks. Sort of like Super conqueror and FV421 Chieftain. Super conqueror side armour was greatly increased compared to FV215B and T11OE5, and Chieftain has decent side armour as well as being a fast heavy, quite a bit faster than something like AMX54 or T11OE5 - able to keep up with tanks like IS7, 113, WZ5A. - increase western tank side armours to chinese and RU levels. Leo, STB1, AMX3O, Cent A X, FV215B, T57, AMX54, T11OE3/4/5, Kran - western tanks should also be provided with side running gear plate like on Centurions, thickened to levels like IS6, as they historically used them the most Moved to Metagame. -Hassie
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