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    Watched Skill 4s movie, and oh how it has fallen. With every single chicken in the coup, able to buy it - expectations have mightily dropped. He had a single 4.5K combined game - and drove up his mark of excellence 4%, right to 93. Granted, there could be MoE glitching as there usually is, but nevertheless speaks volumes. This is the good side to CW reward tank availability, MoE will drop dramatically. While still being out of reach to the tater-tots who buy them, thinking they are bagging op TX tanks for their CW expeditions. (well 9O7/VK72/FV421 are and maybe available later) Not necessarily counting myself as one of these silly bunnies, I did buy myself an M6O too - but in my defense I have already -EARNED- 4 CW tanks on my own playing seasons.
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    I like obj 263. Still in my garage.
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    Uh... yeah guys, you got 10 X5 bonuses for completing the damage missions for the Halloween skin. It's the same X5s you can get for WoT premium account. I stockpile those for horror grinds. Today it makes more sense just to exploit the daily X5s on different tanks. There was some other mission that gave out an additional 10 of them too, I think... you might actually check this and input one of the codes if you haven't already to make sure you got all of them. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/missions/spooky-challenge/
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