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    Any non-damaging hit should be counted as blocked by armour and/or ricochet. Damage applied to modules AKA tracks, gun, vision device is damage caused, just not HP damage - should be counted as dmg blocked because vehicular HP isn't taken off, rather you just lose module durability. Many times, the shot passes through the module anyways, and hits the underlying hull, and gets blocked too.....makes sense to just pile this as dmg blocked. I am very sure life-saving throw on tracks isn't 1OO% as claimed by WG mechanics explained, that is horseshit. MAYBE if shot properly, like track wheel/roller/sprocket. But that shit doesn't comprise the whole track that can be hit, and suspension is defined by whole track. Because you see track shots all the time do nothing, not even spin out the enemy or turn their tracks yellow as damaged. Spaced armour panels outside of tank decal, like conqueror / super pershing, sometimes get hit and penetrated, and the shot passes on through wide of the vehicle not turning out to be a hit - and it is not counted as blocked dmg. This again, is horseshit. HE hits, dealing O, absolutely O dmg even if damaging gun/tracks/vision blocks should be counted as dmg blocked. In Skill4 recent obj 277 tech tree showcase, his first game in IS3 he blocks 3 consecutive T44 1OOmm 33Odmg HE shells in a row, and none are counted as dmg blocked. No modules turn yellow. Wth? Damage blocked, should be damage blocked, the fucking armour is blocking HE from applying dmg. I just had a game against an IS3 / WZ12OG in my 11O, and took 5 non damaging hits, 2 ricochets and 3 non penetrating. And my damage blocked was 39O total. What the fuck? This is a pretty black and white sort of deal. Either vehicular HP are stripped off, or aren't.
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    Uh... yeah guys, you got 10 X5 bonuses for completing the damage missions for the Halloween skin. It's the same X5s you can get for WoT premium account. I stockpile those for horror grinds. Today it makes more sense just to exploit the daily X5s on different tanks. There was some other mission that gave out an additional 10 of them too, I think... you might actually check this and input one of the codes if you haven't already to make sure you got all of them. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/missions/spooky-challenge/
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