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    0 vs O. Which do you think is better?
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    toxic light tanks

    ^MFW I read this thread. So let's get this straight, passive play is the problem but it isn't caused by arta or chai snipers, these only cause trouble because other tanks spot targets for them? Meanwhile, we're also establishing that mediums fulfill the spotting role sufficiently so that we don't need a dedicated scout class to begin with even if mediums basically cause all the same 'toxic behaviors' as lights? Also that light tank players pad their stats because lights have super low requirements. Why might that be? Ok, so here's a few mild rebuttals: 1- passive play happens because it has always been and will forever be path of least resistance. But one of the best ways to excise the cancerous tumors of arta and chai snipers is to gee, I don't know, spot them. If only there was a class for that. 2- generally speaking, high tier tanks all have very high view range and mutually spot one another whenever they engage unless render distance or bush shenanigans are in play. True that it does make lights redundant in most situations, but if the complaint is that vision causes passivity, what about every other tank with high view range? 3- lights get used for padding because they have super low wn8 requirements, and that's because they don't do nearly as well in the current meta as any other class.
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    STG Guard - worth the gold?

    Its an unique and fun tank to play, but not a good cred maker by any stretch.
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    toxic light tanks

    If WG magically gave the option in settings, to turn off battles with Artillery and Light tanks, I would check off both in an instant. A fucking instant. Yes, I do agree that even tank destroyers and light tanks combined, do not create the toxicity arty does, sure nothing does that. But LT are definitely more toxic than TDs. And in a blink of an eye, I would select these things as off and never face off with these shits again in a pub. And I am not just singling out armoured cars, which are the most troublesome of the bunch. All are problems, except the low tier pseudo-light tanks. IE: Valentine, AMX4O, MTLS - these things are fine because they are lies really, not light tanks at all more of meds. ơ LT promote extreme passive play. Unlike arty they don't bomb and stun people far away, sure. But they spot for the arty to bomb and stun people. They don't suffer camo on the move penalty, making their job quite easy and extremely frustrating to counter late game. Even bad camo LT, can sit in a bush with binocs / camo next and dramatically increase their camo/view range, to which you never spot them unless literally running into them or have an EBR run into them. ơ Myself included, guilty and to be charged......farming damage in light tanks. Excellent camo, camo on the move, small size, speed - these things are terror late game and clean up very well. Notice the LT re-balance ages ago, bringing them to tier 1O - WG decided to nerf their view ranges/DPM/pen/Accuracy? Because that the WG queue, their actions saying, "light tanks are toxic fucks. We need to limit their ability." ơ Meds can fulfill their role of battlefield spotters, with the healthy gameplay risk of losing 25% their camo if they move. This is great for gameplay, adding risk management. They don't have the retarded LT camo shield when they move. ơ Arty punishing aggressive gameplay? Well, it is very very very likely a hidden light tank, that hasn't move in a minute, spotted you making an aggressive play, to which you get punished by arty or TD. Sure, it is easy to get caught up, and angry over passive play from TD and definitely, point and click sky shits - but where is the root of the problem? A lazy cock light tank making it all happen. The light tank is pointing and clicking too, he just is Teeing, not firing. ơ For all the stat guys, LT horribly skew WN8 too. of all the TK, how many are TKs on light tanks too teams are angry over? Just because team-dmg is turned off, doesn't mean TK are off. Allies push you, nudge you off edges, block you in wrecks, drown you, Etc. I am not going to argue with people over the fact that yes, arty is more toxic and shitty, without an ounce of skill. Because l guess light tanks need to some of rudimentary skills. But besides brown sky farts, no other class causes as much trouble as lights. People, newcomers especially, leave this game over the fact retartded invisible light tanks are preying on them, half the problem of low tier clubbing constitutes light tanks. Heavy tanks in city maps are annoying, sure but can be avoided - unless what you are driving is something like Strv. I have seen soft skins like AMX3O, Leo, STB1, Grille 15, FV4K5 do just fine in city maps and close encounters. But for Strv, that is on you for not turning off Ensk and Himmels. So what is the problem here, the results that light tanks can get so easily? No, because spotting and contesting map area are part of the game -- it is just the easy mode in which they are able to do it. (like arty, isn't it? Free damage?) Medium tanks can step in and do the role of scouting, at a much fairer, riskier, healthier way. And this applies to CW, too. Clan Wars was just fucking fine with Bat Chat 25 doing that shit. Light tanks are toxic in that venue, too.
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