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    World of Tanks map rotation

    careful, your confirmation bias is showing
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    toxic light tanks

    Congrats, acceleration and reaction time advantage, truly decisive strengths in the armor spam corridor fuckfest meta. Mind describing the costs in detail? Handbrake turns have limited use due to how much speed they lose. A light tank survives getting detracked and *not* burning a kit? Even if it is arty splash, 1/3rd to 1/4th of your HP. Arty pen means instant kill. Too much stupid condensed into one paragraph to be comprehensible. > Not comparable since mid tier LT/MT is shit tier thanks to WG > Still want to compare > Talking about T9/T10 meds like they are the problem in 2019 > Indignation Replying in this format may prove effective.
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    quick review in case anyone's on the fence about funding Serb's moon base support heavium historically a medium - conventional non-autoloading version of the T54E1 was once tested as a tier 10 med a loooong time ago now dusted off the shelves for the moolah: https://tanks.gg/tank/m48t54e2/stats doesn't actually feel like an E5 gun a m a z e b a l l s meaty 360 alpha with sub 8 reload, good (226) pen and hitscan APCR good accuracy and best in class bloom with .10 base turret bloom - better than a Progetto -10 gun depression aim time only decent at 2.4s, though mitigated by bloom APCR 255 only means you struggle against heavily armoured targets basically the gun of a tier 9 medium overall: all-in-all best in class firepower tied with the Caern (less alpha, more DPM) and the 53TP (more alpha, less DPM). arguably even better than the above two if you fire full gold armour bad to unreliable tumour ~180EA large LFP ~150EA weak-ish UFP ~200EA tall hull larger than the E5 no beak - f no magical drive sprocket turret: 230-250 frontally, prominent shot trap and turret ring overall: more comparable to the Patton than the E5 does not get significantly better with angling or when using gun depression - will bounce some glancing shots 0.4 - 0.5 armour use efficiency which is armoured med territory - snap more for best results - wiggle when reloading mobility 45 top speed, 17 reverse (which is more than the tier 10 patton) 16 hpt baddish terrain resistances with particularly bad soft terrain stats - 3.26 decent traverse + neutral steering 35 degree/s turret traverse <3 gear ratio stuff (needs testing): nippy between 0-30, average heavy acceleration between 30-40, sluggish above 40 overall: goes 40-ish on most terrain but not otherwise significantly faster than a 53TP or an IS-3 good for taking positions and relocating but far from ideal for brawling - things like 50TPs and Chryslers are inexplicably more agile verdict good crew trainer in case you wanted two irrelevant tier 10 heavies decent earner but loses out to Paytriot/Lowe/240 alpha things, goldspam not necessary but addictive again, does not actually play like the E5 - if I had to describe it feels more like the 5A with the Super Conq's gun ridiculously gud at farming - even I can maintain 2k DPG without too much trouble winning potential: tied to Chrysler IMO but you win games by damage whoring and not tanking everything fun factor: as a heavium player this is the most fun I've had in a premium heavy value: IMO worth it if more than 50% off, YMMV OP? https://imgur.com/gallery/R5KFqZM
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