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    switching to APCR? What is this, 2014? 40 APCR and 2 HE is the way to go bro
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    After almost 24k games I believe last night I had my first game where I was called a "total dumbass" and "pussy" by a player while pulling off over 1400 base xp and winning
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    Hello everyone

    As long as you have a working 0 key, people will be very welcoming to you.
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    As I said in my review, you can't rely on the armor. The only way it works is if RNG massively favors you. Instead, rely on your combination of gun performance, gun depression, and alpha/DPM. Go hull down, poke, and snap shot. Make sure you can trade 2 for 1 with anything with higher alpha, and make sure to just stick to trading with all the 240/250/300/320 alpha tanks. This is more of a second-line heavy than a frontline brawling heavy. Try not to be the main center of attention, and don't try to tank. The tank revolves around the gun. The armor is unreliable and the mobility is only decent.
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    Wow dude harsh. We get it, you do not like him. So do many others but they do not resort to that. Again, disagree with him all you want but no need to word it like that. If you want an AOL address, I can make you one
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