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    Supertest: bat-chatillon 12t mle 54

    If WG releases a tank that is divisive like this does that make it balanced?
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    M48 or M60? Help me choose

    Well. In the end I went with the M48, purely because it offers a different kind of gameplay to the Leo, whereas the M60 might be a little too close. It took all of three games to get the mission done, in a Grand Battle, sniping like a little bitch. Sadly not with honors, so I might keep it on and try to do it with honors later.
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    WG broke shell consistency between calibres and even guns ages ago. Just look at all the L7A1 clones doing various damages for example.
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    You know if you all just used the ignore function on Dirizon I wouldn't have to see you quoting him. It seems like WG is deciding burst aids is the next step in further damaging the game.
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    Supertest: bat-chatillon 12t mle 54

    fucking wargaming i actually think i might enjoy this tank just let me quit
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    loot box list leaked?

    the looks got buffed. are you not entertained? lol
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    • Engine power: from 335 to 310• Specific power: from 25.75 to 23.79• Camouflage while stationary: from 14.48 / 2.87 to 19.27 / 3.81• Camouflage while moving: from 19.27 / 3.81 to 14.48 / 2.87• View range: from 350 to 390 m
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    Supertest: bat-chatillon 12t mle 54

    Funny thing is our resident nutjob actually thought lights are broken and should be nerfed but the light that is #14 of all light tanks in the game by win rate. #2 in t8 behind broken lt432 and #4 in 5-10 behind LT432, amx 13 57 and EBR 105. Yeah lets buff a light tank with overall 52% win rate, 0.4% over type64. LOL
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    Removed Maps

    windstorm and swamp were by far my best performing maps as a whole i did like south coast too although the map really had huse design flaws you can compare it to empire or studizanki or minsk and it's a fucking ESL tier map i am confident that the wg map creation department is the most brain damaged game dev team to ever exist in history, the people responsible for that really are single digit IQ people how they even managed to get a job doing this is absolutely fucking baffling like legit give me the tools to create maps and whoopdifucking dooo game saved
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