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    What it says on the Tin post your results and what you bought/got Feel free to note opinions on results etc. not like anyone cares except Diriz0n Spent 100 USD 75 Amerifat Boxes Tank results: 703-II E75 TS Progretto Bretegne Panther x2 Firefly III PzIII ausf K x2 AM 39 Gendron x2 Sexton 1 x2 Skin results: E4 skin 140 skin 430U skin JPZ skin E100 skin 13 105 skin Credit Results + ~3 Million Gold results: ~45000 gold including compensation for duplicates (wow 11k gold for a spare prog. nice) WOT Premium time: ~70 days+ Festive tier 10 reached 4 snow maidens an assload of national and universal blueprints AMR 35 tier 2 french tank Tier X 2d skin Winter Wonderland No female commander yet from the loot boxes> Shes still as OP as Santa was last year:
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    EBR Hotchkiss appreciation thread

    Fuck the wheeled cancer with a rusty fork
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    my first 12 mark pog
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    All of you miserable bastards whinging about any of the wheelies. Run them in a 2 man platoon. Right click EVERYTHING. HE EVERYTHING EBR Hotch has an insane HE shell. 280 alpha? YES PLEASE.
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    EBR Hotchkiss appreciation thread

    fucking lmao thats insane you'll enjoy the hell out of that line then with an already badass crew. I did my grind with a female commander and radio and 2 guys i had laying around. I think i started the grind with 2skill on everyone and ended at the 105 with around 4 skills or so
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    EBR Hotchkiss appreciation thread

    Circling an out of position T29 in reverse..... @Wanderjar I got my crew from my long retired 1375. So 81% on my 5th skill except for the 2.68 skill radio operator. So it’s a pretty pimped out ride.
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    from what ive seen the boxes this year indeed give less tanks both high/low tiers also the gold value is reduced because this year the boxes contain a tier 2 and a tier 3 which obv give less gold for duplicates than the previous years which iirc were tier 4+ those two things combined mean this years boxes aren't as good, still the best valued items in-game and the smartest time to spend $$ on tanks than any other time of year. just not as good as we have been used to the past 2 times Something i disagree with (other than putting more new tanks in the boxes) is them locking the credit bonus behind decoration collections, and then on top of that increasing the # of decorations to 380-ish (2017 was 251 decorations total, 2018 was 310-315 iirc) which encourages people to spend more not just for the camo's (which take more to get) but also for the +50% credit bonus
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    M48 or M60? Help me choose

    m60 every day
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