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    First games in ~5 years. I suck now?

    Replay review "Wehraboo" Banned thread locked Sorry humor is hard for me. Please don't point at the extreme autist
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    First games in ~5 years. I suck now?

    Welcome back. I like your avatar.
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    First games in ~5 years. I suck now?

    You're better off uninstalling now.
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    Spahpanzer SP I C

    its a german prototype of a british light tank
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    AMX 13 57 - worth?

    And it was only 5k gold in the advent calendar. With eight memes in the magazine that's only 625 gold per meme.
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    Supertest: bat-chatillon 12t mle 54

    i don't think you understand what kind of forum this is, stupidity really doesn't have a place here and you're spreading yours like aids in the 70s. People can disagree on things, that's fine. Telling people they are wrong however requires that you prove you're right. You have yet to be that. Do it and the arguing stops. Maybe the arguing is what you want, I get that. I'm bored too sometimes. But you aren't right. You're a pubbie who does not know how the game works. Here is a great place to learn, and if you are open to learning the forum will treat you accordingly. Now however you're not doing anything of any use to the forum. Think real hard. Has your presence on this forum created any valuable content? Maybe, but not by you. Just get your shit together and realise that other people might know better sometimes. Accept that and you can become better. If you don't care about your performance and don't want to improve, what the actual fuck are you doing here? Go to exposingwot. You'd be a great fit.
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    Supertest: bat-chatillon 12t mle 54

    WG caring about tech trees is about as likely as them saying they will never ever sell such and such a tank again and actually following through
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    For china only. (unless in the last day or so they've changed that, in which case im uninstalling the day the patch that includes this fucking thing goes live)
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    Why the hell do you people still play this game?
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