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  1. imagine not knowing how to go west flank on Tundra north spawn my two pens that game were on Foch 155's at range, oddly enough
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  2. It does have to do with it. Even with arty being inaccurate, you can clearly hit the same spot in third person shots, to a target facing you 75m away, like E-Hundo or Maus. Just aim at the glacis and see what happens. You are going to get groupings like at least 1ft, and if @ the center of the glacis that is all you need. And check out the damages But that is just arty. HE only doing O dmg shots because of gun hits, is a myth. Sure, lots of O dmg HE splashes are from gun hits, I am not disputing that, but many shots landing O dmg actually impact the hull. Where is evidence of this everywh
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