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    the Black Market rumor mill

    15.000 AMX 13 57 for 7k gold. Same offer as the Advent calendar. I got mine back then. Is the units remaining number actually real time real?
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    Are These Tanks Relevant Today?

    T32: I really like this tank, although I have to set my APCR as my standard round. Hulldown you're practically unstoppable + 400m base means you're a really good bait spotter. The gun hits decently for alright handling as well. Too bad it's horribly powercrept like the other tech tree heavies bar IS-3 because IS-3. Type 62: It's still pretty decent considering its same-tier opponents, although like most light tanks you're going to get shit all over by wheelchair tanks. Tiger I: This tank has always paled in comparison to the all-mighty T29 and the myriad of IS clones at the same tier, it may even suffer a lot more these days since it will struggle a lot fighting tier 8 (premium) heavies. I'd barely call it relevant, it's kind of just there. Rhm-Borsig: Camo TD's have gotten a resurgence due to the broken bush mechanics, so this one can still be relevant even though it's squishy. 490 alpha is nothing to scoff at, and the 15cm is fun for HEAT/HE memes, but I wouldn't pick this tank over the Skorp/S1/WZ-120 FT, which goes for most tier 8 tech tree v. premium tanks these days.
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    the Black Market rumor mill

    Same. I'm going all out in an auction only if it's one of these three. Either the t22 or the obj777 or the WTFE100. (Hopefully they only put 1 of the 3) Thieving assholes in WG the way they formatted their "auctions" is more like Best Offer format. If you overbid you're screwed. Happened to me with the Chieftain, people got it for 20k bonds and I bid 42k.
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    the Black Market rumor mill

    yeah. it pulls from the WG event API. It's from the RU server only though. not EU or NA. it updates every 4 sec or so They were saying the RU server got 2x as many as EU did though. I might expect NA to get 25% of what RU got just because of server pop scaling
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    Strategic advice.

    First thing you always look at is obviously the team comps and most importantly, arty... The more arty there is the more passively you are forced to play. Some people play exactly the same with three arty on the enemy team as they would with no arty, this results in them getting shit on and then complaining. If you see three arty on the enemy team try to avoid going to a place on the map where you know they'll be able to shoot you, or if you do don't make yourself the easy target. Second is the rest of the team. As TheMarine mentioned, "Pubbies will pub, and play to their class deployment no matter the situation.", so most of the time you already know where most of the enemy team is going. Try to take advantage of that knowledge. If you're a medium but there are only two heavies, maybe pushing the heavy side is a good idea, and vice versa. If there are no/few TDs more of the map opens up, you can be more confident pushing certain areas where TDs would otherwise shoot you. It's important to avoid the "I'm a heavy so I have to go here" type of mindset. If you see an opening to make a novel play take it. Any change of circumstance. That tank died that was pinning me down, now I can move. That enemy is now low enough health for me to one-shot him, I'm going to push in. The enemy LT died, now the mid will be open without me getting spotted. My teammates are low on health, if they pushed in now I wouldn't have enough time to run, so I need to gtfo. Etc, etc. Almost every battle there are times when the situation changes but pubbies don't react to take advantage of it. "I'm a heavy sitting at the heavy corner, I'm doing what I'm 'supposed' to be doing", instead of noticing that most of the enemy on the other side and that he should push. It sounds kinda weird but the goal is to always be as aggressive as possible so that you can have shots on enemies, but without overextending. It can be a fine line, but pubbies often don't realise when the line has moved up or is way behind them. They tend to stay in the same spot until someone else pushes up and shows them that it's safe or they get overrun by enemies.
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    a nifty tool for tracking the black market, accessible from your phones: https://wgstatus.com/#/en/black_market_2020 it reads the RU BM not the NA/EU one so heads up there. the Sale price and totals will be the same, inventory varies by server
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    this means nothing to me WG is going full steam ahead making tier 9 reward tanks, this means there WILL be OP ones that slowly begin to ruin the last decently balanced tier in the game. now or later it will happen it also means purchasable tier 9 premiums are becoming more and more realistic for the future
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    I started playing again after almost 6 full months of 0 game play. Its fun playing now w/ Anonymizer
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