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    Honestly, while the air/artillery strikes were cancer, the spotter plane was probably the healthiest consumable. Being able to dig out bushwankers is nice for being able to push.
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    The short version of my opinion is that I went into the sandbox server expecting Wargaming to completely screw everything up and expecting that it will take 2+ years for them to fix it if the changes go through. Wargaming did not let me down. About the ammo changes: In reality the problem is not the ammunition. The problem is many corridor maps that forces tanks to fight frontal with limited or no flanking opportunities and a lack of frontal weakspots that can be reliably hit with fully aimed shots on stationary tanks at any distance further away than ~50 meters. Instead of fixing the cause of the problem, Wargaming is focused on fixing the symptom of the problem. Taking HESH penetration away from the UK tanks removes some skill from the game in my opinion. Knowing when you can use HESH and do more damage than the standard ammo is a skilled decision. Also, removing HESH penetration takes away a unique aspect of gameplay in the UK tech tree vehicles. Reducing the damage of gold/special/premium APCR ammo compared to the HP pool of tanks is a buff to wheeled light vehicles. Its much easier to hsi them at 300+ meters with APCR and now players will need more penetrating hits to destroy them. Removing HE and HESH pen is a buff to wheels light vehicles. Now I can't time my shot properly at closer range to have a higher likelihood of penetrating and doing significant damage. I don't think the ammo changes will reduce the gold/special/premium fired by many players because they will still choose more reliable damage over the possibility of higher damage. About the tech tree changes: Wargaming is removing many low tier tanks that had different or unique aspect to their gameplay that were funa s a new player. I have no idea why tier 10's are being removed. The 113 isn't bad and was worth the grind. It just has been power creeped. Now it seems like a worse(slower less armor worse gun handling) 430U. Wargaming is screwing up the game because they don't even know how to play the game and never listen to above average skill players. I bet if Wargaming asked the top 5% of players what they would change in the game, the answers would be different than the proposed changes.
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    the Black Market rumor mill

    https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2020/02/12/world-of-tanks-2020-black-market-is-over-how-much-money-did-wargaming-make/#more-80802 http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/734652-black-market-is-back/ Final tally and results etc. List of offered tanks and basic pricing from the EU server # Tank Price 1. Lansen C 8.5m Credits 2. AMX 13 57F 7000 Gold 3. Chrysler GF Auction - Credits (~4.5mil min winning bid ) 4. 105 leFH18B2 300 Gold (wth?!?) 5. SU-76I 15000 Gold 6. Caernarvon AX Auction - Gold (~5k min winning bid) 7. FV 215B 183 22mil Credits 8. Type 59 G Auction Gold (~ 42k min winning bid) 9. PZ. 38H 9500 Gold 10. SCHWARZPANZER 58 Auction Credit (~ 4.55mil min winning bid) 11. 1st Campaign Orders x3 1500 Gold 12. Object 261 3D Style Auction Gold (~ 262 min winning bid) 13. EBR 75 FL 10 Auction Gold (~ 12k min winning bid) 14. BT-SV Auction Credit (~ 10 mil min winning bid) How much did Wargaming earn from Black Market? From direct auction (If we are taking minimum bid as the price every single person paid for the tank) and tank sales Wargaming earned AT LEAST 1.3 billion gold. If we are to include SEA and NA server sales + 1st Campaign orders, this value is ranging roughly from 1.5 – 2 Billion gold +. This would put Black Market’s spent gold value at anywhere from 5.4 Million to 7.2 Million or more. When it comes to credits, AT LEAST 2.8 Trillion (2,845,050,000,000‬) Credits were spent. If we are to include the NA and SEA servers, this value would reach 3.5 Trillion or more. If we took the in-game conversion method (1 gold = 400 credits), this amount of credits is worth $25.4 Million. It’s pretty easy to estimate that Wargaming has siphoned off at least $30 million worth of in-game currency in this event
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    I like grinding Frontlines. Provides a fairer, equal tier 8 opportunity to grind out useless tech tree tier 8 tanks
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    https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-modes/expedition-2020/ Frontlines is to return March-May and Steel Hunter August-November. Four stages each, three points per stage. Twelve points gets you a reward vehicle, which means you have to pick 2 out of 3 at most. The reward vehicles are: AE Phase 1 (again) Obj 777 v2 Char Futur 4, which appears to be what they're now calling the Projet 4-1 I'm certainly looking forward to another chance to grab the AE Phase 1, which looks fun. If I earn enough points, between the other two I'll probably grab the 777 since I performed terribly in the Bat-Chat AP.
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    The new rules have been announced. Highlight: Also:
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    legitimately the same for me. I've played this game since I was literally 12 years old. being a part of it and the community actually fully influenced who I am today (In a lot of good ways, but also a few bad ways I admit) But I too look back on the time i spent playing fondly and dont regret a moment of it. I havent "quit", but bringing up the will to play has just gotten harder and harder the last year or two. Something I wish wasn't the case, but WG are being retarded
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    the Black Market rumor mill

    Generally shit tier tanks this time around. hope next time is better. Nothing I really wanted this time but I did get the black mutz and arty camo. (I'm still laughing about the guy that bid 20k on the skin thinking it was a tank)
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    A Wargaming employee on the forums said you need to flank instead of fight higher tier tanks forntally. Are we supposed to flank to the other corridor or drive out into the open where our tank will be destroyed the instant it gets spotted?
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    Jesus. I just logged into the test server and looked things over. If this is the end result, what a disappointment. No apparent nerfs to anything that needs it, they just scaled everything almost flat. At high tier everything has +20% HPs and +20% to damage. Even the arty nerf just basically boils down to forcing people to shoot gold arty shells in order to keep their current damage output. So costing more credits and removing stun is basically it. They haven't changed the cost of ammo at all, so gold ammo appears proportionately more expensive than ever. They haven't even scaled up how much ammo you can carry past tier 5, so the fucking T67 is fine but something like the Type 64 is stuck with even lower potential damage against the hordes of power creeped tier 8 heavies. Basically low tier gameplay might improve because the HPs scale up better, but the three tier spread is actually going to be worse than ever because your gold ammo is weaker. Without compensating for it elsewhere (such as by scaling HPs by class) this is going to make heavies the dominant vehicle and make fighting up suck even more. I was optimistic they had come around, but they really are just steaming forward with the shitty original sandbox plan for World of Red E-100s. EDIT: The more stats I look at the more triggered I get. For a lot of the low tier changes they just moved shit up a tier and gave it some more HPs, maybe +10 view range, blam, this fine. I kid you not they took the Valentine AT which is already bad at tier 3 and just made it a tier 4 with a few more HPs. Same guns, same view range, same everything else. A-20 is now a tier 5 with a few more HPs and +20 view range. Crusader is now a tier 6 light with a few more HPs and maybe +1 RoF. It goes on like this. Amazingly half-assed.
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    Just imagine failing to address any of the core issues with your game while you’re essentially rebuilding it....
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    I don't see why any one would get worked up about this, the game is so fucking stale and dreadful at this point that they can only go up or sideways. I will take any changes just for the mere chance if seeing a horde of whining 20k game T67 clubbers leave the game.
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    This is stupid. I have a number of issues with this. Removal of content which will later be issued as rewards or purchasable in game on special occasion (perhaps for inflated prices). It feels like they are removing previously unlock-able stuff to give themselves more to work with and encourage monetization. Removal of more iconic tanks and generally quite historical ones. Like it or not, one major draw of WOT is in the tanks. What does it say when tanks like the firefly or the hetzer are being removed? Some loss of mobility on a tech tree. As an example, from the Pz 4H you can research 4 tier 10 tanks currently. With the changes you can only research 1. Tiger P, 3 to 2. HWK 12, 2 to 1. Panther, 2 to 1. Just to pull examples from the German tech tree. Removal of tier 10's. Besides the obvious, this is absolutely horrible to players who aren't so aware of changes being made to the game. Some poor sod somewhere is working towards the AMX 30 as his first tier 10, and then fines that suddenly his tier 9 with 150,000 experience is made a reward vehicle and leads nowhere. (sorta) Are players who have researched the tanks going to recieve the tanks even if they don't have them in the garage? If you want any of the removed tanks, and they don't receive any tank (or don't offer experience refunds) seems like great way to sell some garage slots for those who don't have a ton of them.
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    The tanks being made into reward tanks (for anyone not looking at the video). KV-85, KV-13, T-62A VK 3001D, Jagdpanther II T21, M4A3E2 (the jumbo), T71 DA AMX 30, AMX 30B Churchill GC, Firefly 113
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