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    You don't think that actually rewarding players for knowing when to, and not to use different ammo types isn't a redeeming quality? Is this somehow a downgrade compared to the current "Fire premium APCR and never shoot anything else because there's literally no reason to" meta? Releasing foxes to take care of your feral rabbit problem. You're not wrong, but I just can't get behind the "solve a problem with a stupider problem" logic. Being bottom tier sucks, that shouldn't justify keeping gold ammo as a terrible game mechanic. These are separate problems that need to be addressed separately. Will the gold ammo nerf also result in things like the Object 279e overperforming even more? Yeah probably, but WG should nerf that thing anyway; that still doesn't justify leaving gold ammo as is. Gold ammo itself lead directly to most of these other problems; it was the direct cause of the closed maps with minimal flanking opportunities and tanks with idiotic armor schemes and no functional weakspots, which in turn are the main reason why bottom tier MM is so miserable. Also its absolutely a good thing that standard ammo penetration becomes a meaningful game balance statistic again. Anyone here remember when the Panther and the AMX AC Mle 1946 were, like, actually considered good? Some tanks are specifically balanced around high standard pen and give up quite a bit to have it. Other tanks are specifically balanced around low standard pen and, likewise, get a lot in compensation for it.
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    Source: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/sandbox-february-results/
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    Skoda T 50 pewpewpew

    Not at all. You really think that!? The generally agreed king of tier 9 (all of tier 9 I would say, but definitely meds) is Standard B, with only really the Leo Pta and the 430. The gun is just pog at tier 10 even, you have the HEAT to actually fight tier 10 superheavies, the autoreloader is much more flexible than the Prog 65 version and night and day vs the Skoda gun, you have better gun depression, you're faster, you have better camo, the armour is the same (trust me, i've 3 marked both and the Skoda doesn't bounce shit, the same way the Standard B doesn't bounce shit). I can't honestly believe anyone could think the Skoda is better than the Standard B right now - i'm actually incredulous. Also, the jump from Standard B to Prog 65 is small - tier for tier, the Prog is undoubtedly worse, as the DPM cripples it and the hull armour doesn't mean shit if people know where to shoot you (i.e. the turret). I like the Prog 65, but it's like middle of the pack for tier 10s (with a very high skill curve, which is why it's MoE requirements are high), whereas the Standard B shits over some tier 10 tanks tbh (I'd take the Standard B over a 50/51, for example).
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    I know its rude to brag about penis size but I one hit rammed an EBR FL 10
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    if anyone has a 0.9.5 client heres a lovely nostalgic replay of @Private_Miros getting one hit team killed by a clicker
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    SerB lives on the moon now and cannot return to earth
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    I like many of the points raised, and would add one more. The effects on lower tier tanks in a +2 MM environment will be horrific. Now you can't pen with normal ammo and need to load the gold to pen. This won't change, but after this package of shit is implemented you'll do less damage (or, rather, the tanks have more HP, the net effect is the same), allowing armored tanks of a higher tier to bully even better. Unless they go to a +1/-1 MM this change will be utterly terrible for the game. Even if they do, it still might be. People will gravitate towards armor and tanks with high standard pen. So more super-heavies and TDs. And arty because fuck this game. Staples like the T-54 and other meds/lights that need gold to be competitive are humped and can go fuck themselves. Really well thought out, Wargaming... What they need to do is to not go live with the broad strokes rebalance they are trying to do now and instead immediately deal with the obvious problems that creates before releasing this new version of the game. Because that's what this is. Buff HP of some tanks more than others. Introduce actual weak spots on tanks that really, really need them and make some alleged weak spots (type 5 cupola, Defender lower front plate etc) real weak spots by lowering the armor value. Buff pen on some tanks, reduce or increase ammo cost, amount of ammo carried etc. They don't need much testing to do many of those changes. Just common sense and game knowledge. They would then need to tweak them once it's live, doing a lot of little fixes to fine tune the game. And this should be done quickly and efficiently, without any regard for if tanks are premium tanks or not. Call it 2.0 and people can't really complain. If they do, give them the tanks as they were in 1.X with the old HP and standard alpha and tell them to go fuck themselves. But of course Wargaming won't do any of that because they are incompetent shits who don't play their own game. Instead they'll go live with their great rebalance, screw the game in a major way and then spend two years gathering data and then finally fix something, long after the game ceases to be relevant.
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    I'm not really getting all the fuss. Overall the direction of the changes is good, the ideas are good, the execution needs some finesse but its WG. 1. Premium ammo gets a disadvantage, so becomes more balanced. I mean they did it WG's special way by making all HP pools and all standard ammo go up, but whatever the impact is the same, you actually trade something for higher pen. 2. The additional lower tier HP buff makes a lot of sense, it never tallied properly to the DPMs and Alpha on those tiers, you have tier 6 mediums with over 2k base DPM, but only 750 health, you get the tier 10, 4 tiers up and top level medium DPM has only gone up 50% but HP pools have gone up like over 200% plus. 3. These changes are a minor nerf to arty, because their standard shells are keeping the same damage as they have now, but everything they shoot has more HP, so each shot is less effective and they will need more shots to kill the same tank than they do now on live. If they want to compensate for that lack of damage, they have to use premium ammo which comes without stun, so is not only more expensive, for literally the same effective damage they are doing on live now, they lose the stun option which helps with extra XP and credits, so makes that premium round even more costly. You are basically talking about an M53/M55 paying 8k credits for half the share of XP and credits of like 400-500 damage, with no stun, every 40s or so. So can't see premium rounds being used by most players, which means more often that not the arty shooting at you will take a little less % of your HP than they do on live now. It's also a double nerf for the OP mid tier arties, because all the tier 5 and 6 tanks they shoot at, are getting a double HP buff, but their standard round is still doing the same damage it is now. So an M44, that annoying OP sh*t that ruins mid tier games, is still doing 550 damage on sandbox, but like tier 6 mediums have over 1K hit points, so it'll be less effective. 4. They are removing idiot proof HE spam, particularly from big calibres and making HE more about aiming than spamming in the general direction of the strongest armour and then the HE mechanics searching for the weakest armour, so if you hit massively thick armour, you will do far less damage. Which is good, it stops mindless HE spam into armour. Plus it reduces the one shots, and cripples stupid alpha tanks like the 183 and FV4005. 5. The tech tree reshuffle I kind of get and I'm kind of neutral on. Couldn't really give a care about lower tiers, but making it more simple to grind through makes sense for newer players and those tanks will still be accessible. Higher tanks going I am not sure it is needed but seeing as I have almost all of them anyway, for me it just gives me a reward tank and frees up some crews. I'd probably have a 113 in my garage for example if I didn't need a completely separate crew for it. My main areas for concern about this are - It's obviously a buff to over armoured heavies, many of which are plain old OP at the moment and others will become OP I think with these changes and I don't trust WG to rebalance these tanks properly or in a timely fashion, so expect months of Maus's. 279es, 430Us, T95s etc. flooding more of the queues, performing even better because they take longer to take down, before WG actually gets enough 'data' to re-balance them, which of course won't include putting actual reliable weakspots into them. The HE re-balance, whilst I like it overall, completely destroys HESH. Whilst I don't really care about the 183s, for other tanks high pen HE is about trading pen for a bit more damage and is important for tanks like the Cent 7/1, HWK-30, WVs etc. and WG don't give you this option, high pen HESH does more damage than normal HE, that is it, but a penning shot from your standard round is always going to do more damage. Which makes HESH rather pointless and effectively nerfs many of those tanks, they need to come up with a better option IMO or those tanks will need some big buffs, and some of those are premiums where the high pen HE is a big selling point (M41 GF, HWK-30, EBR 75, and Senlac for example), so that seems a hard nerf to those premiums. Why couldn't arty HE get the same treatment and the KV-2 being exempt is rather silly.
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    After several days sifting through all the tanks I thought would be the strongest or most engaging, I have failed to find a single redeeming quality about the way the game plays compared to the live server. The I-Go was the closest I got to anything fun or seemingly successful, which I suspect is because its DPM is still the greatest and its low shell speed and high arcs allow it to win hull down fights, but it's still a far cry from satisfying.
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    when it comes to being as cheap as possible in this game you save up credits for 11 months and blow it during christmas, repeat next year
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