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    Stats (doesn't look like it changed much since supertest): Requirements:
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    Skoda T 50 pewpewpew

    It is hard to upgrade from progetto 46 (the best tier for tier med in the entire game), yet the Standard B manages it to become the best tier 9 med in the game in the current meta - it upgrades the right areas (alpha, speed) whilst retaining elements which make the Progetto amazing (gun dep, overall mobility) and minimising the reduced soft stats on the gun despite the alpha increase. It is enough of an upgrade to still make the tier the 9 the best in tier the same way the tier 8 was. The tier 10, on the other hand, has 3 main problems: The gun stays the same, so tier for tier it is worse than the standard B. If you fire all 4 shots you're DPM becomes absolutely horrific (whereas in a lot of situations in the Standard B you can fire all 3, and for it to make sense). I can't think of many instances in the 65 where you can fire 4 shots and not cripple yourself. The DPM increase is therefore pretty shitty, and kind of only works if you fire 1 or 2 shots at a time, in which case play a non-autoloader and have a better tank. The improvements are in the areas that don't matter in current meta, i.e. traverse (rather than overall speed), hull armour and negligible view range. The main selling point being the hull armour. That doesn't mean shit in the current meta, and people just shoot you like swiss cheese regardless - yes, you pull off a few random autobounces, but it's not 430U levels, and more importantly it doesn't allow you to abuse the current hull down meta which makes so many tanks OP. You've either got hull down capabilities or insane gun + mobility tier for tier, and the 65 has neither. Competition. The Standard B goes up against the Leo Pta, 430 and maybe then whatever your poison is out of the Type 61, Skoda T50, T55-A and E50. It is a Lion amongst a couple of Wolves amongst some Sheep. On top of that, none of the heavies at tier 9 strike fear into your heart or are impossible for the Standard B to deal with (the hardest maybe being a hull down 705). The 65, on the other hand, comes up against all of the broken tanks that make tier 10 such a shitfest right now. The 430U, 277, WZ heavy, Super Conq., UDES/Kran abused hull down, not to mention all the reward tanks like 279(e), Cheif and 907. It is at best middle of the pack with all of these fucking alphas rolling around, and all of them can abuse the 65 in a way that the 65 can't abuse them (or the way the Standard B CAN abuse same tier equivalents). That's not even to go into non-tank factors like tier 10 MM where you get all same tier games more often, more arty, more broken TDs that again, fuck you even with 330 HEAT etc. etc. It's not hard - Standard B is the best tier 9 med, hands down (unless you really like sniping with the Leo Pta, which fair enough, but W/R will be higher in Standard B - it is for me anyway, with both 3 marked). The Skoda isn't, and isn't really top 3. The 65 is middle of the pack on tier 10, and tier for tier is much worse than the Standard B.
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    Stats are on tanks.gg if you look at the 1.7.1 Public test option, the only thing they have changed is the reload. Soft stats are 0.10/0.10/0.10, so almost the same as the LT-432, they certainly help to offset that aim time. But from watching people play it, anything over about 200-250m is quite painful, long aim time, bad accuracy and meh penetration. Apparently the turning is pretty bad as well, doesn't turn that well and mobility is good for a medium but nowhere near light tank levels. Camo can be pushed over 40% stationary, so with 390 base view range it's a good spotter, as camo on the move is still over 30%. It's a weird playstyle tank, its pseudo light tank with a big punch, that only really delivers that punch at closer ranges. You basically want to rush in, shot gun someone for 700 damage and get out. Looks like it has a lot of potential, but certainly could produce some frustrating games considering the drawbacks (bad gun depression, paper armour, low HP, bad aim time, poor accuracy, poor pen). The marathon is typical WG no life grinding stuff, its about the same level as previous marathons, and the package is inflated with a load of directives and personal reserves.
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    Skoda T 50 pewpewpew

    I'm definitely in the Standard B > Skoda camp, although hilariously even though my DPG is slightly better in the Standard, my win rate is an appalling 46% Given they are both squishy, high mobility meds with clips, the Standard is just so much more comfortable, and the auto-reloader just gives a lot more flexibility compared to the autoloader. I agree with what @lavawing said in his reply to me, in that if I were recommending one or the other to a new player in 2020, I would not recommend the Skoda. I've only decided to grind it out because I made it a personal objective to grind at least 1 line for every nation out to tier 10, and obviously there's only one line for this nation!
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    On the move and turret at 0.10 iirc. All about short range burst.
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    Playing hilltop city on Westfield

    I just damage farm in a bush in the middle which is why i am a blue virgin not a purple chad
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    Source: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/sandbox-february-results/
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    Bliss.... You've chosen to ignore content by Diriz0n. Options You've chosen to ignore content by hazzgar. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Diriz0n. Options You've chosen to ignore content by hazzgar. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Diriz0n. Options
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    There's zero finesse to the combat with health pools like this. Just about every game devolves into big health pools bullying small health pools, big numbers bullying small numbers, and trading alpha damage. People aren't afraid of moving out of cover because they can't be punished too much for doing so, so they quickly and easily move into positions where fights grind down to hull down and corner poke exchanges. The few maps that have hills are even more important now as to who wins the hill for the massive positional advantage, but the fights are still a crapshoot on which team commits and which team wins. Coming back from a deficit is several times harder since leftover health pools may be similar in relative terms, but massively greater in absolute numbers. It wouldn't be much different from playing higher tiers today at double game speed. It's a disaster. Again, it could be the environment, but I think it's got a lot to do with the actual changes.
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    Supertest: bat-chatillon 12t mle 54

    Dude Garbad played very long time ago where meta and everything was different and pulling 4k was like pulling 5k now. Also there are many non rerolls who pull 5k dpg. Decha can. Not to mention rerolling has nothing to do with your 100 battle dpg session. Also we take your opinions as a shitter because you speak like a shitter. Objectively you have better stats than me. I hover below 3k dpg in my t10s. Usually 2600-3000. Yeah I could blame it on playing min settings on a shitty laptop and unstable connection but I won't. I just don't post opinions that are illogical. That doesn't even have to be related to your in game performance. Your arguments don't make sense from a data analysis standpoint either. So it doesn't matter if you look at what you say from a point of view of best players or from the pov of someone who has years of real life experience of using data to actually predict real life events and do it well. So maybe just stop, listen to others, learn instead of agressively defending your opinions despite the fact that literally everyone on the forums here tells you you are wrong. I mean seriously. I'm an elite school asshole, without any parenting and an ego the size of Texas and I'd still think twice about my opinions if 100% of an elite community in a given topic told me I'm wrong. I mean seriously. This is simple logic. Low sample size. Skill isn't afraid to correct his opinions. Tbh I expected him to change his mind as that tank should be ok for his playstyle. Not perfect but he should make it work. I pulled 2000+ DPG in a pre buff VK4502a (aah the days where bad tank camo was way more common) not using any gold and with a 1.5 skill crew. I think I will join the Spactacus like "I'm Garbad" crowd.
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    Supertest: bat-chatillon 12t mle 54

    @HaswellNot all heroes wear capes.
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