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    What you seem to miss is how terrible most tier 6s are. The 12T doesn't need to do much to be exceptional. The other tier 6 lights have 50% more DPM than the 12T...........but fire single shots and are out DPMed by everything else. The 12T has an 18 second downtime and a 7.5 second uptime. I don't know what game you've been playing but big alpha trading tanks have been in vogue since forever. 180/220/240 for tier 6 for example. Having a clip and gimped overall DPM is more useful than having less gimped but still poor DPM, especially on a light. 540 alpha isn't amazing but you can take out anything that isn't a TOG in two clips. And you have the pen to make it happen. I don't know what you think the 12T is but complaining about track traverse on a tank that plays like this is...difficult to understand. This isn't a light tank that happens to have a clip. It's the lightest possible chassis that the French could mount a TD gun on, and it shows in game. It's not even a difficult tank to play. You max out the gun handling, always be ready to fire gold, relocate, land two clips, sometimes more. Then you're done.
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    Skoda T 50 pewpewpew

    ....... What I am saying is purely logical. You just cannot read. You do not know to discern left from right I bet. You aren't an english major at all. And you don't proof read for work, my foot. I am not sure what you do, but you obviously don't know a thing about interpretation or communication or assertion or any prowess. I am not saying Standard B is not a good tank. Where did I say that. I am saying Standard B, is not as good as Prog 46 and 65, and Skoda T5O.
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