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  1. Only played 4 or 5 games in it but I prefer it the Lorraine. The quick double tap, faster reload, soft stats, small size and camo make it superior IMO to the Lorraine, the Lorraine feels too clunky for the current meta, it feels like a 50b. Getting a quick 720 damage out with like a 20s reload feels far more practical for the current meta than 1300 damage in like 7.5s with like a 35s reload. Games are too short, maps are too congested, tanks are too clumped up, opportunities are too breif for the Lorraine's clip to work IMO, you end up getting a couple of shots in the Lorraine mos
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  2. On 2/26/2020 at 6:29 PM, k0lni said: The value 0f a w0rking 0 key and h0w pe0ple wh0 have them are superi0r t0 pe0ple who d0n't: C0mpare my sig with any pers0n with0ut a w0rking 0 keys and y0u have y0ur answer 0kay, it is good to know that, I have that key. That makes me superior, yes? 1. Trouble shooting current gameplay flaws. 2. Explaining why half the forum believes Skoda T50/TVP 310mm HEAT pen makes them suck, but otherwise think UDES and Kran HEAT pen is fine. ?. 3. Would E50M be broken with L55 128mm
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