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    My take on 1st FL month

    You make SO MANY CREDITS! It is basically the same as last season. Shoot as many tanks as possible. YELL at the idiot to stop shooting the objectives with 9 minutes left on the clock. I think I started EVERY game in the Getto, it is just so damn good/flexible. 17 games and 938 average XP Assuming that nothing changes, it seems like a pretty easy way to earn a buttload of credits and a Special Tank
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    My take on 1st FL month

    WTF is wrong with your zero key? Ass
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    WZ-120-1G FT tier 8 premium TD

    Only played a few games so far, I like it- camo seems good, aim time seems awkward, mobility is pretty decent, but your fuel tanks are at the front. Don't play Chinese tanks, so maybe this is a no brainer for many of you, but I've been set on fire twice from front penning shots, and had my fuel tanks damaged a number of times Something to keep in mind. And if anyone's interested, 3967/256 assisted +5 kills (and a draw) gets you a Mastery.
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