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    100% of people who have injested di-hydrogen monoxoide have died. Therefore di-hydrogen monoxide kills humans.
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    Data for the Nembro region, from an Italian source. https://www.corriere.it/politica/20_marzo_26/the-real-death-toll-for-covid-19-is-at-least-4-times-the-official-numbers-b5af0edc-6eeb-11ea-925b-a0c3cdbe1130.shtml
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    Death rate is calculated on closed cases, not open ones. USA currently 5458 closed cases, with 2227 of those being deaths. That gives the USA a 40.8% death rate as of right now.
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    Note one thing - a regular flu is something we may deal ourselves in home. Few need a medical attention. Meanwhile covid is spreading and killing despite extreme actions including total lockdown. Image what it would do without any restrictions.
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    All life ends in death. If people always die at the end, why not abort them before they are born?
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    Now that's just silly.... Memewhile given the lack of cure for getting old and shit, anyone who dies with corona would have died anyway. Fact.
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    What if he's then eaten by a shark. Is it blood loss? Or still being blind?
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    Post-1.9 Balance Changes

    Shhh, get out of here with your logic. that has no place in the WG balance department
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    Post-1.9 Balance Changes

    They will be treated as new tanks for moe requirements, they aren't going to be that stupid, but anything goes in the WG HQ. I am not referring to the LFP, but the turret ring, which was were you would shoot if a E-100 was hugging you etc and which is now ridiculously thick. The police bar is now 200mm + height advantage and any sort of angle makes it so that tier 8s can go cry in the corner. LFP is also 240mm head on which not "pretty bad", and very few tier 8s have been able to penetrate it historically, some even with gold. Much like tier 6s which can go fuck themselves against a Defender, tier 8s can do it too against an E-100 if the changes go ahead. Fuck me WG if you want to stop sprem against a tank DON'T BUFF THE WEAK SPOTS AS WELL.
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