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    Its worse than that. There are a ton of people out there who have characteristic symptoms but due to the utter failure of the CDC and Federal leadership to ramp up testing, there are just not enough tests to go around. We are only testing people who are sick enough to be hospitalized or who are otherwise high risk. People want to be tested, doctors want to test patients, but there are just not enough tests.
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    Hey, I just thought I'd make a list of all the current (IMO) best players at the game and their streams, both for them and for you. CarryBarry ^ - legit 3marked Chieftain, one of the best players on the server, great music and chill vibes and first and foremost a really chill stream - and barry's a qt insane player at basically everything. i don't think i've seen him struggle in a single tank - just seems like a natural for the game and has incredible decisionmaking The only NA player I usually end up watching with my sleep schedule, plays very differently from me and when he genuinely tryhards he is absolutely an amazing player (regardless of NA server LUL) so I enjoy the gameplay, it's high quality. i personally don't like this guy because of his 50B rigging and other stuff, but despite it he is undoubtedly one of the best players on EU and rivals Decha in mechanics IMO - there is very much to learn from how he plays the game and usually he'll explain his thought process if you ask him which i think is super valuable to people eager to improve. https://www.twitch.tv/stanlock_mercy/ (wouldn't embed) The best player in the world, period. You won't find better mechanics than this, russian streamer though so if you aren't capable of reading gameplay yet then this might be too difficult for you. Nevertheless, incredible player. Probably the strongest mechanical player there is right now, great decisionmaking and just in general great at reading enemy intentions. There are more russian streamers out there doing insanely well, but Stanlock is still a cut above and this is the stream you should be watching if you want to learn from the best. https://www.twitch.tv/decha__/ (wouldn't embed) Decha is probably one of the most aggresive players on the server, he is a bit washed but still amazing at the game. You won't find his gameplay boring, even if his playstyle has become sub-optimal he is still by far the best at it. Nobody dogfights better than Decha. Legit 3marked 279 - met him in GO-IN and we were the primary BC players together during whatever the campaign was and I've seen first hand how good this guys decisionmaking is. The first to 3mark a 279 after the mark update I believe. 3marks tier 10 rewards and so on, just in general a super strong player. Niall's got a stupid aspect ratio but he's a very talented WoT player. Very interactive with his chat. you will learn a lot from watching him as he generally tries to explain his thought process and I think that he is very good at doing just that - the way he approaches engagements and situations and describes his thought process throughout is very valuable for people trying to learn. Has a very reactive playstyle, an emphasis on consistency here as well. One of the better streams to watch if you are looking to learn. https://www.twitch.tv/4az__f/ (wouldn't embed) New guy I hadn't heard about for pretty long but he is incredibly talented. I'll be watching him more to learn because this guy is whopping my ass in DPGs as of right now just look at that shit ^ he's a prodigy These are the ones that I watch when I can, there are plenty of russian monster players as well as other server. I didn't link Val because last time I talked to him he sold his PC, so now I don't know how SEA server looks statwise. https://www.twitch.tv/kajzoo/ Super strong player, really fun guy too to meet - a little maldy but absolutely a top 10 player, probably top 5 right now https://www.twitch.tv/jaeckefa/ also a super strong player, aids aspect ratio and he he plays very irregularly - nevertheless a definite top 10 player when he's on his game Great russian player, only watched for a lil bit but he's 5k+ing tier 10s which is always impressive
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    ah seems i still got it, had replays turned off and reset the session mid session cuz i had a shit game like i normally do to untilt but 3 games of 6k avg are missing done without improved equips and firefighting directive, this tank is 100% 5k dpgable and the non-believers will be cleansed eventually its so fucking op and tier 9 MM is easy mode
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    Alright, have @Snoregasm2, @Spineeand @TheTrojanWarrior to record during the weekend, as I'll look to have them all finished and uploaded by tomorrow - then I'll take a days break or two from recording as it's quite time consuming but keep posting your replays and I will start going through them from first to last again - just gonna take a day or two off as I have decent bit on my plate atm.
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    Our public health system and local authorities are currently in pandemic planning mode and supporting the detect and isolation Phase until the situation evolves. Our province is still hoping the isolation phase techniques are successful. Locally we are reviewing and updating emergency plans to support public health, maintain critical services (water/waste water, emergency services, etc.) and residents if containment is lost. After Merkal's announcement yesterday, it certainly looks like my Bucket list trip to Germany (Interschutz), Netherlands, Belgium (Bruges, Menin Gate), and France (Juno Beach, Vimy Ridge) trip will have to be cancelled, as Germany and France now have travel health notices (Low Risk - Practice Usual Precautions). Hand washing is important to control the spread and infection rate; considering people touch their face (eyes, nose, mouth) on average 23 times an hour... (Use hand sanitizer only when soap and water are not available.) On the lighter side - Why is toilet paper in such high demand? Because when anyone coughs or sneezes, 100 people shit their pants...
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