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    Skill yesterday: 93.5% chieftain Skill Patch day: 86% F
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    Post-1.9 Balance Changes

    Have you seen how WG balanced some tanks this patch? You are way too optimistic
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    WG moved the valentine down by 1 tier without changing the armor. So if you want to club some seals this will be funny.
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    Post-1.9 Balance Changes

    @hazzgar I 3 marked it recently. Was intending for it to be a keeper. There’s no good reason for the changes. Fuck WG.
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    Post-1.9 Balance Changes

    RIP Vk 30.01 P. @Necrophore at least the Brit lights line is consistent now: shit from start to finish.
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    Post-1.9 Balance Changes

    What a dumpster fire of a patch. Ruined a ton of low-mid tier tanks and then doomed a generation of new players to rolling uptiered trash tanks while old players farm them with T67 bullshit. I like the hidden easter eggs of shit too, like how the T67 goes from 45 to 70 rounds (1.56) while an average tank like the Stug goes from 36 to 44 (1.22) and the crapwagon Turian goes from 32 to 39 (1.22). What the fuck does WG do all day and how do I get a job there?
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    10 Years of World of Tanks

    Such fun. Best guilty pleasure? Original O-I Exp when it kept up with mediums, climbed hills like a homesick angel and murdered everything.
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    I find that you can sort of just sort of blunder your way to victory at tier 9 in a way that would not be possible with how 10s are played. 10s are expensive to play and people who play them do try to perform rather than derping around and having fun. People are cautious, etc. Before reading Kolni's poast, I never did figure out why I could perform so much better in the IS-7 (~2.9k DPG) than basically all my other 10s (2.3-2.4k) despite those e.g. 5A, 430U being objectively superior farming vehicles, at least on paper. Tier 9 games are chaotic and fluid enough that you don't need and don't want to be in a pure assault tank to get away with aggression. For example, a 263 might be able to push just about everything, but you can do everything else in a T-10, and still pull off those stupid risky plays. From my experience, tier 10 games are the opposite. Unless you are in a pure assault tank, always react. Even if you're in an IS-7 you are probably going to stick to reactive plays most of the time. What I'm not sure about is whether this is by design (unlikely) or just a natural consequence of people having more to lose at tier 10. Then again stupid aggression was also the thing when the 268 V4 and 430 U got released and the IS7 megabuffed.
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    Almost every tank line released in recent years has had at least one tank they want everyone to skip with free xp. This is the story of one such tank. With the exception of the Type 64, tier 6 light tanks are pretty horrid. Bad gun, no armor, poor view range. And yet all of them are miles better than this turd of a tank. It has terrible view range, bad alpha and DPM and doesn’t really make up for it in any way with speed or maneuverability since it doesn’t go faster than normal light tanks and turns like a pig unless you sacrifice speed by releasing the W key when turning. In addition, it gets all the negatives of being a wheeled vehicle, most noticeably the inability to turn without going forwards or backwards. The vehicle has exactly three redeeming qualities in my eyes. It has good reverse speed that can get you out of trouble sometimes. The cannon, despite having 0.4 accuracy, tends to be better than that number would suggest. And it has a HE round with decent penetration that will increase the alpha substantially fighting other light tanks. I unlocked most of the modules with free xp so I never got to experience the horror that is the stock 178B. At first I thought it was a horrible choice to play it immediately after release, since the MM was full of both wheeled vehicles and people driving light tanks that presumably wanted to shit on the wheeled guys with their superior view range. As it turned out, this was the perfect time to play this turd. My tactic was to go near the usual light tank yolo spots, but of course not yolo, load HE and blat enemy lights when they were in a dogfight with the lights in my team. Once most of the light tanks were down, I could use the mobility to get flanking shots and even do a little bit of scouting. Though, to be honest, most of the scouting was done late game since the view range just doesn’t allow good initial spotting. Not just because other lights were better (they are, but that’s not the point) but because you need to get so close to spot anything other than your own shadow that the enemies will spot you and shoot you. And since you aren’t really that fast, small or maneuverable decent players and bots loved by RNG will hit you. It was quite surprising to me that I finished the grind in 53 games and ended up with a 70% WR and 915 DPG with 397 spotting. I think the only reason I did that well was the fact that I could feed on the other wheeled vehicles yoloing. Since those are better stats than I can in any way justify given my averages and how bad this vehicle is. If you have the free xp, skip this tank. If you don’t, do what I did and pop all the boosters you have and suffer through it.
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