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  1. flare_phoenix


    fuck this tank
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  2. Yes, horrible to get it 35% of the time while you were promised only 30% of the time. WG should fix this.
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  3. GehakteMolen

    Lorraine 50 t

    There is still a big difference between bending reality to make tanks fit for the tier they sit (Maus comes to mind), adding ``what-if-tanks`` to complete a line (E50m) adding a whole line of questionable tanks, for marketing purpose (polish, chinese, japan heavys) who, in case of polish and japan atleast add something different and unique) Or making a fake tank, for the sake of a fake tank, why pick lorraine hull and put turret, instead of amx-120 hull? its a copy paste, and 1 is sort of real, and the other is not only fake, but also makes no sense (a lorraine with bigger turret and much
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  4. starting to think i was created for this game
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  5. kolni

    IS-2 Shielded

    IS-2B Shielded B - Black skin without the camo value and no ability to put on - 99EUR bundle
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