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    Man, how nice does it feel to get a Kolobanovs? Only my 5th ever. Leo PTA you wonderful beast.
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    CS-52 (Tier VIII Premium Polish MT)

    Udes 14.
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    How do I become a Unicorn?

    The same way(s) i told you 5 years ago. Or whenever it was. Certainly been a minute.
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    [Sandbox] Equipment 2.0

    messing with other tanks' numbers through messing with your own really doesn't sit well with me.. if my hard stats in game were nerfed (camo rating shredded>i get spotted and die despite not moving in solid foliage and closest enemy is 300m+) and I didn't get to see why then i won't learn how or why i died as it couild just always be that over and over.. camo shred is a really bad idea because it'll just nullify the entire skill on large tanks (that still can run it) and hardly affect the vision bullshit we have already in wheelies. there's too much vision atm, ppl cover too much ground and play too safe as a result, you can't do this or this or this because if an EBR comes and lights you, you die.. end of innovation cycle i think making 445VR much harder to achieve is a place to start, not considering all the buffs that upping the crew with improved stuff would further boost it - at least for higher tiers, td's capped at 400, 435 with binocs, 420 with optics, they still have render obv but their VR circle'll just be smaller, not able to run both binocs and optics at the same time - gives light tanks more wiggle room in dealing with said bushwanking when you have physical space you know they can't use against you unless they come closer, raise avg HP of TDs by like 5-10% lights - basing the VR stat on performance and nothing else so it just gets tweaked between the tier 10 lights as the weakest one in performance will have the highest VR of next balance cycle and just tune them all into they feel fine against the field> hard nerf EBR > nerf T-100 VR, give it a high pen AP gold round (280 or so) and a 1,1x modifier for lights to how damage translates (not assisted) to compensate the already other shitty T10 lights and how they perform, it's an outside the game buff to all tier X lights in XP/credit/whatever gains people think are important. now as the only class able to stack vision the old way > lights are relevant again, but confined to the very small specific role the light tanks should have in game. More similar to the tier 8 LTs belonging to tier X days of actually focusing on recon rather than being first to the place on the map you want to fight. could also buff their HP but i think that's counterproductive no matter how you slice it when it comes to actually balancing them combat ability wasn't a big thing in lights until they started becoming better at it, and if you funnel lights into similar areas of a map like normal they will still mostly just fight.. themselves anyway.. as long as all the lights take part/gets buffed/nerfed unbiasedly no one will gain an edge on another there, but the light vs rest of the tank classes dynamic isn't good now and was imo much better when lights were intendedly weaker than now, back then WN8 farming was their only real purpose so if you want to be viable within the game created then I doubt we share views on the rest, but back then playing a light tank meant you had to do recon, while i don't like the ridiculousness of not being able to fight back at all the light tank aspect of the game still worked better in 5-X than 357.. lol... meds -> lower VR cap by 15m, lower either mobility or armour if the tank has that + good gun, raise HPs 10%, +10 points added to every statistical piece of data for the E 50M to make it less weak heavies -> superheavies +10% HP - hybrids no changes - hulldown heavies +10% HP and more hatches/cupolas to deal with the imperviousness of hulldown tanks, post 2018 releases all VR nerfs unless they follow the nations general trend regarding the topic also no JoAT tanks, E5 in 2016 was the first to do it and just nooope make camo more reliant on the base camo of the tank and not so much the crew,: buff to everyone playing without camo skill and nerf to everyone who uses it on everything, vision needs to be given more room to play around or it's eventually (like seen here by WG themselves) going to die if it's not kept as a core foundation of the game mechanics - tanks intended to use vision can do it, but stifle that element from everyone else not intended to to breathe more life into it in game open topped vehicles recieve automatic ventilation bonus (5%) as compensation for taking the VR advantage from them, give them at least some edge for being pennable to arty and everything else that sets their sights arty capped to 1 lights capped to 2, LT MM along with SPGs get separate queue for a map pool where they aren't fodder just for choosing to play a role, nobody in their mind would send 5 EBRs total from both sides to recon Himmelsdorf in a whiplash until you RNG them down.. doesn't mean the overall map pool still won't be adjusted - increase bans to 3, include assault/encounter and balance team starts gathering information on the most banned maps to rework/remove what isn't working HP buff is to inflate gametime, making steamrolls more tedious but close games much more thrilling and down to the wire - consider upping max game time to 20min and 15min respectively if it doesn't slow the game down by force rework how capping works, unless you need the game to end - nobody wants to cap over taking the drive for damage, and almost all good players have this in common: they don't use the mechanic. needs adjusting to have some sort of value that isn't just "oh, forgot to check the cap" when the clock starts ticking sandbox mode with shooting range and proper game guides on mechanics, basically just tanks.gg. wotlabs and customiseable practice rooms along with making sure the player understands the underlying objectives of what the game is intended to be about, incentivise influencing the game positively (permanent top tankers contests with in game rarities or something, idk) no gamebreaking climbs (out of bounds) but reinstall shortcuts that reward you for being familiar with the environment ESL 7/68 back on, use pro players' strategies to solve map problems > more clever map design Tuning RNG by nerfing it to 15% on HP rolls and 10% on penetration rolls, there's no point in adjusting the spread if you are just going to slap another "what if?" on top of that before it actually connects, having very little to do with any decision made by anyone other than that some numbers have to come out. 0 RNG would make the game very predictable, the point of a large HP pool is to dissuade this from being such a big problem, a 390alpha gun firing at your 400HP tank will always feel risky, as it should. fixing the game isnt very hard when every exit feels like a solution
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    How do I become a Unicorn?

    When a horse and a narwhal love each other very much . . .
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