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    Didn't read, but good for you. If you replace wot with something else life becomes a bit more enjoyable. It sucks when your hobby is rage inducing and rarely fun or relaxing.
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    Fellow purples, I decided to uninstall WoT, for me uninstalling isn't something I do lightly. It made me sad which is why I'm writing to you about it. I feel by doing so I can put this game behind me. Also not sure if some of you know me or have played with me but if you want to keep in touch and/or play games together message me and I'll shoot you over my steam ID. Let me apologize for this long post, I will try to make it as small as possible whilst getting my point across. A few things happened today which are in essence a summary of my pains these past 2-3 months. With the corona virus going on and my (sadly) reduction of hours, I've had more time to play and with that I've realized some pretty big issues not only with the game, it's playerbase, but also myself and how I interact with games. Today: 1. Tier 8 Heavies (played a variety) shelled constantly by arty. Generally one arty doesn't bug me. Two, depending on how accurate they are starts to cross the line. Three is unbearable. Luckily today I haven't had 3 arty hit me but I've had x2 M44s chip away at my health. In a slow heavy being perma stunned is itself the worst goddamn feeling in this game. No matter how good your crew, food, bounty equipment, whatever... it renders your tank useless. Equivalent of playing with a handicap, forcefully. How is that in any way / shape / form remotely "fair" ? I started to really challenge this game's ability to be fair in just the basic forms. Arty is by far the best example of how fractured the logic of this game's tank classes are. People don't use arty for what it's meant to do. Why would they? Humans don't act like binary robots. They see a target they shoot at it, what's worse is RNG rewards those who take impossible shots, because luck sometimes plays a role and rewards players for doing so. 2. WoT playerbase, I struggled with this one for a long time. I had always thought I was being some sort of prick. Last months through various posts / threads on the forums and in-game toxicity I've come to realize how daft the NA server overall player base really is. I say NA because I spent 3 months in Germany and started an EU account and you don't see half the shit in EU than you do in NA. I really don't know why. Maybe its the language(s) diversity? Most bad players really believe they aren't the problem, conversely to them, it's everyone else's fault, always, every time, with any and every excuse imaginable. What's worse is how this is portrayed in the forums. When someone decides to complain about arty, I've seen that person met with overwhelming toxic banter from players who CLEARLY have absolutely no idea of simple game mechanics. Further, when you try to explain to them just that, you are now suddenly arguing with several others who are all in the same boat. This has pissed me off more than anything else the game had to offer. 3. "Bad" Teams, to simplify this, it ties in with playerbase but it goes deeper. I look at my Wn8 and sometimes I'm baffled. How can I be over 3k when I feel the games are too quick and 80% of the time I don't do well (enough). Yet you look at some of these players on these teams and you can't stop to wonder... WTF do they do in a match? How is sitting in the back for 14 minutes, then doing 1 shot of damage fun? Or inversely, YOLOing, doing no damage and dying in 2 minutes. How do people continue to do this time and time again over several thousand battles? I played a string of games today where I died mid-way if not at the tail end of the game, majority of those games, I looked at what I did in terms of how bad did I cripple the enemy, and assess the likelihood of winning based on my team's position and tanks remaining. I called a win 6 times. 5 out of 6 were losses. I had to look at the replays, it is mind blogging how bad people can play this game. I really feel my 7 year old nephew could play better. 4. The big picture. Looking at the equipment 2.0 system just hit the nail on the head for me. WG doesn't seem to understand it's playerbase, either that or worse, the majority of the playerbase are feeding WG "mis-information" of what is truly needed. Hence, since the majority are just shit, WG will implement ideas which the majority will either appreciate or benefit from. I can't fathom the idea of arty being MORE accurate than it already is. It really saddens me to leave especially when I think of how great this game is, it's ruined by it's playerbase. This is a complicated game, one that really forces you to use your brain, but the majority don't either because they can't or worse they are too lazy. Thus you get this toxic community of 45%ers who blame the team for a loss each and every time. I can't do it anymore.
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    Throwing in the Towel - Goodbye !

    I just accept the shitters and the toxicity they cause and click battle. For catharsis play an alt. Beyond that best of luck finding a new hobby. I'm told there are many rewarding ones out there.
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    Throwing in the Towel - Goodbye !

    get good nerd, it's relaxing to squash peasants
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    So, my second tier-10 tank to reach 100 games (in recent times) as I've been spamming games in it for the battle pass. 57% win rate, 2,425 DPG with 824 average assist. About middle of the road in my tier 10 tanks in terms of DPG, but win rate is the best of all my tier 10s with 100 games or more (next closest is the Cent AX, most of the games were played as the FV-4202 back in the day, I dunno, I just seem to win a lot in British tanks). It's quite fun to play overall. It has clear strengths and is overall a great package. Excellent gun (although a bit derpy at long ranges sometimes), excellent DPM, super-strong turret (although big guns or HEAT on flat ground can consistently go through the commander's hatch), hull armour that will absolutely troll even same-tier non-gold rounds and lots of spaced armour (including fat tracks) to eat HEAT so it can also sidescrape. Main disadvantage is that it's slow-ish, it's much better on defence than offence, the ammo rack is made of wet paper and the playstyle is fairly repetitive, although I find it quite fun because it's fairly easy to play (go to brawl, find hull-down spot, trade as best you can, once enemy is broken, push and use DPM to finish off low-health targets). I think it's still fun and worth the grind, the last three tiers are all fun, although getting there without free XP is pretty painful.
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    sr360's Non-potato games

    For those who want to see the Char Futur 4 and its 4 sec between shots reload... Would have been a great won, instead it was a close loss.
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    Wn8 has never been a great measure of skill on it's own. It's prone to too many ways of padding like the OP pointed out. However, every metric, if viewed by itself, can be padded. Indeed, any metric used as a measure of skill will inevitably be padded. To paraphrase Goodhart's law (used in economics) " When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure." Any metric used to measure a system will be exploited and will cease to be a good metric because of that exploitation. To get a decent picture of someone's skill, you want to take a look at a combination of stats that will cover each other's weaknesses. For instance, if you take recent Wn8, recent winrate (to avoid redline campers), recent average tier (to avoid low-tier stat/winrate padders), and DPG/marks at tier 10, you have a decent picture of how good a player is. Then, assuming you're evaluating them for Clan Wars, you would get them in a few detachments to see how they play as part of a team. Basically, you use stats to narrow down your recruitment pool, and then use their performance in Clan Wars as a final deciding factor.
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    [Sandbox] Equipment 2.0

    They still have no idea what game they have. "Light tanks and medium tanks can't improve some of their unique features because everybody picks firepower upgrades" (not exact quote) Because nobody logs in and sits down with a headset looking forward to two hours of spotting stuff for other people to shoot. We play the game so we can shoot stuff. LTs want to zoom zoom and shoot stuff, heavys want to get in stuffs face and shoot it up close, mediums want to shoot stuff here then move over there and shoot more stuff, TDs want to hide in bush and shoot stuff, Arty wants to shoot stuff while eating cheetos. Its a pretty fucking simple concept, but WG has spent a decade thinking that people are more interested in a hundred different permutations of terrain resistance and spotting formulas. The only thing that we really care about is that all of the tanks have a roughly equal opportunity at shooting stuff without getting shot and that the endorphin dose we get for successfully shooting stuff is doled out frequently enough.
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