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    Interesting tiers. I think all tanks should be ranked as is - i.e. if you fire 100% gold that's fine, rank it with no asterisk. Even with that, i'd rank like this (order of priority on each tier being indicative that it is better): S - Pta, Standard B, Kmp 50t* (not played), 430, Type 61 A - E 50, T-55A, Char, Skoda T50, Udes 16* (not played) B - M46, T-54 C - Cent 7/1, Amx 30 D - BC AP* (not played), 430v2 The list is based on damage farming capability, which is similar to carrying but slightly different (damage farming does not always = carrying, but there is a strong correlation). Reasons for rankings: Tier 9 meds are a sweet spot as the best have tier 10 guns with very little drawbacks. It's why the Type 61 is S tier - it has insane DPM and muder-HEAT ammo. It has 5k DPM potential for the best players. Any gun that doesn't have 330ish prem pen can't be in S tier, hence the E-50 falling down. Platform is still important, and tier 9 also works really well for flat track bullies. I included the 430 in S tier for this reason - in a tier 10 game, I would pick other tanks in lesser tiers over it, but all in all I think it belongs there. I don't rate the T-55A that much. I want to like it, but the shitty hull armour and no gun dep and shitty standard pen makes it feel like either a shit 430 or a shit Kmp 50t. Either way, it isn't up there in S tier. There are a few tanks i've not played and the opinion is based on playing against them/watching other people play them. Also, some I played years ago (Amx 30, Cent, 430v2), so maybe I'm wrong.
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    [Sandbox] Equipment 2.0

    Bump, they added some changes, it looks fairly decent actually. The ``improved configuration`` seems quite usefull: Combines the bonuses and effects of the following existing equipment: Cyclone Filter—all 4 effects added and combined with other effects "Wet" Ammo Rack—all 3 effects added and combined with other effects Fill Tanks with CO2—both effects added and combined with other effects So its wet-ammorack, cyclone filter and fill tanks with Co2 in 1, a tank which burns a lot is usually risky with food, but now it may be worth it, especially because it also reduces chance of ammorack and engine break downs (T62a perhaps? frontal fuel tanks + i remember a lot of broken ammo racks, or is that obj 140?) Same turbocharger is also strong, 10% more engine power and better top speed (and higher reverse speed), perhaps on something like T110E5? These changes seems soso at best, at first, but slowly it looks like they atleast have some clue (perhaps they hired again)
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    EBR nerfs

    Oh man losing a wheel now ONLY drops it to the speed of the fastest tracked LT in the game, that makes it so much better... It should drop its max speed to 10kph, and losing a second should fully immobilise it...
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    Char Futur 4 Appreciation Thread.

    PITY!!!! I haven't see you in a LONG time
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    LMFAO WG random player names

    LMFAO WG random player names
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    Finally 3 marked the tank that trolled me so damn hard. Leo you low roll machine. I love u even if u hate me
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