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    WZ-111 1-4

    I did!
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    Supertest: T77 and T42

    To be fair, if you yolo in and clip out a Leopard 1 or Prog 65 with AP and then die you'll probably have a positive WR, earn credits, and be back in the garage in 90 seconds. Thats probably worth a few bucks amIright
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    WZ-111 1-4

    wrinklebrain LOVE chinese tank. get many star on barrel. she write review, sorry english Not Good wz-1 1 4 very strong, with many gun damages. to get Maximum Star, wrinklebrain learn to do thing the Chinese way. drive wz into Enemy Team, if enemy gun smaller, she Struggle them until wrinklebrain win! use many hot rounds to do mass damage. but oh No!!! enemy gun Binger than wrinklebrain gun!!! so she leave. go fight smaller Tank in mediums who do less damage. wrinklebrain win again! gain Mass damages from every struggle, victory in the games. put the three stars on the tube, and touch herself have a good tanks!
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    I fucking love this tank. Once you've sweet talked it a bit and got used to what it can and can't do, literally shits all over everything.
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