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    Equipment 2.0 Builds

    Patch 1.10 is upon us so I decided to make a thread where we can congregate what loadouts you can and probably shouldn't run. T110E3: Rammer/Vents/Turbocharger The slot boost for TD's ups your DPM by 1.5% (11.5% rammer bonus) so these things are going to be a touch bit more scary now. Combined with the turbocharger that greatly mitigates slow bricks like the E3's weakness of flexibility, I think damage sponges will see a rise in enjoyability. Maus (and maybe E-100?): Hardening/Rammer/Vents Since the Maus is so slow your gun bloom on movement isn't actually bad, so it's safe to drop VerStab for this one. Putting on hardening ups your HP to pre-nerf levels so you could damage sponge a decent amount more. To put it into perspective, if a standard MT is putting shots into you (390), it will take ~8 shots (7.69 rounded up since you'll be left with less than 390hp after 7 rounds) to kill you, but with Hardening the number goes up to 9 (8.46 rounded up), which improves surivability a lot more. The trend is similar for other alphas as well (for 440 alpha, from 6.82 shots to 7.5 on average) Standard MT Loadout*: Vents/Rammer/VerStab The Verstab nerf didn't do much to most tanks (except maybe the T49/Sheridan that suffer from massive turret bloom), so you shouldn't drop them. Apparently they weren't nerfed. WG's ambiguous descriptions strike again. The slight crew buff from vents (6% for the slot instead of 5%) makes it more viable to drop optics for food, especially so if you have purple vents (7.5% -> 8.5% which is pretty big, vents directive will throttle that up even more). If your crew isn't that VR stacked (SA + Recon) then you should probably still run Optics. EDIT: Overlord_Prime did an in-depth analysis on Equipment 2.0 setups, some big finds here is that eGLD + Vstab edges over IRM + VStab in terms of time to aim, but overall IRM + VStab still edges it out in terms of bloom size. Other tidbits are how camo directly affects VR and how camo equipment affects this Link
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    Equipment 2.0 Builds

    most tanks will stay the same meta wise, but a few niche tanks/playstyles will benefit from the new Equipment. the Maus would def benefit from hardening and things like the VKK/E100 could possibly drop vents for it as well or even the improved spall liner for better arty/HE spam protection. Against my wishes the 4005's reverse speed crutch might be solved by the turbo charger , LT' players who prefer to kemp bush for spotting (Even 90)will benefit from the equipment that helps negate camo behind foliage and camo of moving tanks ect. The one thing that bothers me about this equipment change is the unpredictable nature of it, with all these new equipment pieces knowing what an enemy tank will be capable of will be much harder now. especially for the shitters who will run some wacky loadout that boosts their tank in some unpredictable way that will throw you off guard.
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    Equipment 2.0 Builds

    The turbocharger is imo gonna be usefull for specific tanks, 10% more engine power also means faster turret turning, and more foward and reverse speed are also usefull. T28 proto, T30 and E4, perhaps T34, KV4 (?) IS4 (?) any tank which feels underpowered engine wise and has bad reverse speed, might use a turbocharger, V-stab and rammer will stay basic for everything that can mount them, but that 3e slot, well, it depends (i think) And even V-stab / rammer can be questions, the camo thing for TDs looks powerfull, putting binos, camonet and that extra camo on an E25, instead of rammer could be usefull also etc. TLDR: you can now either: Compensate your weaknesses a bit (slowless, bad gun handling, poor dpm, bad camo) Further increase your strenghts (make a fast tank faster, a high dpm tank more dpm) Do as everyone always did and buff firepower as much as possible At first, everyone will stick with what he had, but i think its gonna shift, a maus with more speed and hardening might be more usefull in the long term as a maus with more firepower...
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