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    The E 100 Brick Club

    due to the fast nature of WoT nowadays id say the 128 is better tbh, its main downside is its gold pen which will struggle against another E100 even. but the rof and alpha allow you to rack up dmg far faster in a brawl or in a steam roll. 150 is still viable for having higher gold pen and alpha, but in fast games you'll find yourself wishing you had the 128.
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    E75: The Greatest of the Tier 9s

    Thoughts on the E75 buffs? It now has a 280mm turret face instead of a 250mm, bringing it out of highroll AP and most APCR. Also got an alpha buff from 490 to 530 without any RoF reduction, so it also has 150 extra DPM. They slapped 30 HP onto it for shits and giggles too. Kind of hesitant to try it, but it could be pretty good. Rammer/Vstab/Hardening, walk around with 2150 HP punching tanks in the face with fat, reliable alpha.
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    Equipment 2.0 Builds

    I'm thinking the Improved Hardening is just a little bit too good. HP buff, makes it harder to track you, and decreases track repair time. That's incredibly strong on most superheavies, but also armored TDs. The 268V4 just got a massive buff. Rammer/Hardening/Turbro and you're unstoppable.
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    Equipment 2.0 Builds

    Spending a lot of time looking at this on the test server, I'm going to be using this as a mobility revolution. Turbocharger, grousers, and improved rotation have the potential to vastly improve speed and agility on lots of tanks that need it. It's hard to measure the overall impact since everything is getting buffed, but I feel like the biggest winners will be light tanks and TDs. Light tanks got a lot of new options to mess with, and the improved camo value equipment alone is a big deal which will make the scouting role more viable. TDs just got a minor buff across the board from the improved rotation, it's as good as vert but aids them in their biggest weakness of turn speed (and turret speed for some). Lot of advantages to the new system. You can fix many unplayable tanks by compensating for their weaknesses, there are a lot of new options to experiment with, the tier scaling in both cost and choice is a badly overdue change, and there's a lot more variety and choices than before. You could equip a Hellcat to be a dedicated traditional sniper, a mid range opportunist, or a full-on GOTTAGOFAST yolo idiot. I really like that ability to customize. Downsides... this might make the game even faster since a lot of vehicles are going to be more maneuverable, tracking will be harder, etc. Arty gets a new, very good equipment choice, which sucks. Pubbies may be even more pants-on-head unpredictable because their equipment choices can vary so much... buuuut they're still pubbies, which means they'll gravitate toward the same dumb shit they always do, just as every dingbat has a derp gun on every tank that can use one. I still expect to see some camo net heavies because "they wont see me when i snek up beech". Overall, while the main forum was bitching non-stop about it, I think this will be one of the best improvements WG has made to the game in years.
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    No, I'm concerning myself with it because it is a good point looking at it from outside. If you don't know me, haven't watched me play or read through any of my content I can understand how taking my word for 6K can be hard to believe. This is what I meant with the first of the screenshots - the context being IRL people not believing me and me having to prove it. I could've had a shit session right then and there and have egg on my face but I'm confident enough in my ability to play the game that I could prove them wrong just by trusting in my ability. The difference here being that it wasn't anything special session-wise and unless I keep this kind of quality I stop playing. I'm trying to treat this the same way but without either breaking confidentiality on other accounts (that'd simplify claiming this very easily but I'd basically be discrediting paying customers), or getting enough alonetime on the one acc I normally use to simply spam 1k games that I can verify is 100% me (streaming them) I have difficulty in actually doing so. Neither of these are situations that are going to happen and I don't actually play very much meaning the acc owner'd have basically give up randoms for the remaining part of the year for me to have enough time at this rate to play a string of 1k games that I can take credit for. I also can't use my old account for the same reasons and I also don't have access to it, but anyone that was here during the time I did and watched me when I streamed daily never had any doubt about it. Considering the way I currently play the game it's very difficult for me to get enough alone time on account to spam that many games to get a WN8 value that is solely my own - so providing evidence for the claim (6k) probably needs more to stand on when it's coming from a PoV that hasn't watched any of my gameplay whatsoever. Take the "highlight reel" above for example, obviously I have more games played than those and sessions not up to my standards that I didn't upload in between them - but there are fewer sessions of those than there are of those above you. There's also the problem that I made this claim like 2 years ago when I had an account you could look at and see it for yourself. I hit the 6K mark and after 5k games I quit, goal of game achieved until I came back and kept playing casually. All I have now to back up what I say is my credibility and I don't need more credibility in my eyes. Anyone that was there when I streamed the reroll grind saw it for themselves, and I don't need people believing me because when it comes to WoT. What rubs me the wrong way is calling it a delusion when it wasn't. This is just a story, and the takeaway really isn't some number - I don't understand why that's an ongoing narrative. Ah, now I see - there was some misunderstanding that I can clear up. I thought you were saying the numbers weren't real at all, not that they were just that high because of rerolling - that's true. I won't dispute that but I do believe rerolling was the right thing to do because I wound up getting much more recognition afterwards and the goal I had in mind with WoT at that point onward meant more tedious grinding than grinding through the tech trees again would do. "Sacrificing your history" isn't really a great take when you never tried to hide your past. As you can see above, my past isn't exactly great. I took a long time before becoming a good player and I say that frequently, and I kept my IGN/identity instead of reinventing myself like many do, and that I easily could have. I've kept my history with me, but I don't really think history matters. If you're in a rough spot mentally and move somewhere else to start fresh (IRL rerolling), are you sacrificing your history? I don't think so. It's more like not liking your history and while you certainly can online, you don't have to throw it away just because you want to start a new chapter. Mine was to compete and the easiest way to do that is a clean slate - so I opted for that. I don't think there needs to be more meaning into something like it than that. I have a boosting history which is morally debatable though considering people take credit and is messing with integrity and I'm enabling the behaviour - but that's a different topic more about rerolling:
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    This is a personal story, so the number 5k wouldn't change much of the story so I think you missed the point, but I'll bite (later on). It used to be, now I have a healthier relationship to it. Did you earn your living playing a game? You realise it'll kinda lose it's charm but you'll play anyway because playing a game I disliked > working in my mind. I would probably still have done so if it was profitable still. (Lemme just remind you that Carbon took 0,5 EUR per game played on avg, bere in Sweden that'll wind up being enough to live decently on. I upgraded my PC, paid rent and furnished my apartment with money coming from WoT and that was a pretty big incentive to keep going. It got to to points where I was so tilted out of my mind I had to retry stuff for free or play 20-40 extra games to compensate because not playing meant not making money. Eventually the boosting clientel dried up and I stopped, but I couldn't stop playing. I had to play the game because what else am I supposed to do, this is what I normally do (bear in mind that I have stage II autism) so I'll do it anyway. No incentive to keep going but still doing it - I'd call that addiction. However, taking a longer break and finding a hobby outside of gaming again (basically stopped producing music because ideas stopped coming. head was always rambling about gameplay) so I have something genuinely fun as an alternative to when WoT just isn't doing it's fun is great. I can quit and do something else I also would like to do (DJing) anyway so I don't feel like shit when a WoT session went bad and it ruins my day. It isn't ending on a dark note because I played first time without a brace on at a friends PC during an afterparty, we discussed gaming - I told them about short term pro on tanks and apparently two people there actively plays still, and got very intrigued. I felt weird playing PC games at an afterparty with louder music on the living room speakers than I can get the headphones to shut out, (ran smooth on minimum graphics + max render except for heavy foliage between sniper/arcade toggle) and it was my first time back since having my hand back. I'm nowhere near as confident in person as in game, so the rank 1 thing I kept to myself for time being. No mousespace, no armrests (i need pretty level armrest to mouse) and an entirely fresh client so had to set up clientside settings in game (guessed everything right but aim that was a bit off considering mouse-space. Still: They were blown away, I also found it good considering I'm usually super picky about external factors when trying to focus but could focu somewhat still in status you'd want to check it) but after they got hyped up I just started playing super well and confidently much earlier than normal if I'm rusty and this session is what? 7-8k wn8 or something? see it's not that hard wnat more? vvv Leopard PTA 4,6k DPG 31 games vvv https://youtu.be/D1O8J9X21TU (wouldn't embed) (above clearly assistrigging, still only #2 dpg ) Maybe this is something you never really considered but I consider myself more capable at Wot than at social interactions. I'd genuinely say I'll understand a player in his thought process about the game while in-game just by looking at their tank/gameplay or by where they are than I am at predicting how someone will react to something I say, It's just a side effect of putting so many hours outside of this game that wasn't actually gameplay too. Training scrim blocks used to be 2-4h, in 4h blocks we used to play four maps, 30 minutes per side and as many scrims as the timer allowed for in that time frame. Whoever "won" (got to play their map pick because you could click battle at 29:59 etc, would autolose the next uncertainty in the timeframe during the entire scrim block. Sometimes you were asked to pick specific lineups or strats to emulate certain opponents or sometimes you would both go in blind doing the same strat for the full 30min, or a different one each time.. really depended on what the teams wanted.This list just goes on and on and it taught me such incredible amounts of game knowledge on every map because these situations got so easy to recognise after all the time spent. .I for one know fuck all about history, the name Erwin Rommel only tells me that it's a commonly used phrase in one's IGN and almost exlusively bad players but never heard of the guy outside of WoT. Literally just k As for the 6k, I was ranked #1 the leaderboard for quite a while, but my acc has since been oopsie'd into some rich asian fellow's lap that depadded it to oblivion. It had a 6k overall and a k recent because I was playing both E50 and M46 constantly to keep the WN8 avg up.My reroll had more cash and gold (from WGL/go4/FACEIT and CWs than I was able to spend in my 5k games on it. My most played (907) was at 5,3k (WN8) and was topping both DPG, total combined and XP four months straight of Hall of Fame so if Kitten could have kept old 907 values the WN8 would be pretty nutty but I was aware as I was simply 3MoEing 907 at it's highest MoE uyet.All my other most played stuff was at 6k+ the T21 Light having 36 games (3moe reason i stopped playing it that was 15k+ avg so while 1,5% or ur recent, that's a pretty good bassline to have like I did trying to push my recent (right after that insane streak happened). The only other tanks below tier 8 I ever played on the account was the Hellcat, WZ-131 and T20 until they were marked, and outside of 907 and FV4005 - everything I played was pure statpad tanks. E 50, E50M (back then), 50B, M46 M48,, Skoda T50, TVP, 140, SConq, Standard B etc. Today it's just PTA/Leo1/M60 and on good days 6k is a cakewalk? I don't understand your point. Do you even know what my old account name is? That it also doesn't matter? I've spread most of my accomplishments through different accounts. I worked with the reroll, took it seriously (played 907 straight in randoms with 100% crew no skills but that's cuz no Defender and refused to buy and no other good RU tank trainer then (T8 MTs weren't megabusted) otherwise no credit worries from the second I decided and never wavered so of course am I going to keep improving and I just happened to improve further than most people at that time and played a lot. So of fucking course I'm here. Great at the game. Who would've thought someone who sat grinding years on end would turn up good? That was the whole point. I know I'm a 6K player, I just don't/won't/can't play as much to keep up to that threshold anymore, but I was there. I'm not the best player at the moment, neither did I say so. Who are you fooling? Even Carbon admitted I had him beat.. Regarding gameplay my opinion will never waver because I don't think anyone is that much better over me to leverage their gameplan over mine in random battles. It's an endless pit of confidence compared to IRL where I'm shy and fragile. Also a reason I found it so addictive, the only persona you make is you what you currently want so what can really go wrong with that when you (later on) find out you have stage II autism that almost every thought you have about something is right? Then it's not so bad. But yeah, 6k achieved. ^ Just look at that above real quick and now I do it on a fresh account. My average on the PTA on the account above is a shared account (half the battles are mine), I'm starting to break 4600, that's close to 7k WN8 so I were to make a new reroll with a PTA crew I could probably go for that now. If someone gave me the opportunity to do so I'd take it in a heartbeat, for free.
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    fuck this tank
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