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    Unconventional WoT Opinions 3

    Making Gold Rounds available for credits was a mistake. This change alone created probably the biggest balance issue the game has. Before tanks could be balanced around normal rounds. Be it weakspots or good (high pen) standard rounds etc. Very few people actually used gold rounds, so no balance issues there. Once they made it available for everyone is were the problem started. Balancing gold rounds with credits does not work at all for the good/rich players. I can shoot gold all day long. I wont run out of credits. Therefore I can pen enemies much easier. Others donĀ“t have this luxury and still shoot normal rounds. Because of the "special" round spam certain tank types became obsolete and WG started the armor buffing. This made the gap between gold and normal round users even wider. If you have toptier tanks not willing or able to shoot gold it will drag your whole team down.
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    Unconventional WoT Opinions 3

    While the effects of the boosters, rewards, blueprints, and missions are all appreciated, it is a bloody mess that can be at times hard to navigate and feels very gimmicky. I would rather they simply increased the experience and credit gain and have a more straightforward "bonus" system than the layer upon layer upon layer of convoluted mess.
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    Maybe unconventional: The game has actually been improving for about two years now. Basically early this year the actions of the past two years are just now starting to accumulate to the point where it's not awful anymore like 2015-2019. Well, before COVID hit, all the kids started playing, and ran it into the ground, but that should end eventually. If you have a life or self-respect and haven't been playing for a while, this is the main stuff: Scaled back the dreadful 3/5/7 which turned out to be a disaster. MM is now the best it's ever been, although there's still never going to be an excuse for three tier spread games. No more team damage (F.F.S.) Anonymizer, which turned out even more useful than I expected. I hoped to just tone down the arty focus, I never fully realized how much grief gets thrown your way because hurr durr uniscum. I actually even keep chat turned on most of the time now because I don't have to deal with the Lord of Flies crap that used to go on. Way faster progression. I didn't realize how demotivating it was to get so little experience every game. Now with premium and other bonuses as well as blueprints you can plow through horror grinds and advance crews much faster. I've finally been grinding up tier 8+ tanks that I never wanted to bother with before. More generous credits. I think even a free to play player might be able to scrape by these days because of the daily missions. The HP scaling of tier 1-6 tanks was way overdue, at least if you play lower tiers. I think it made things a bit easier for new players too. I feel maps are a bit better now than in the past, with a few new maps actually even being good. Although holy shit, Province again. They're actually adjusting tanks again, something they didn't do for years. I don't think WG realized how stale things get without constant changes. Training books are great, and make for a good credit sink. And of course, the new equipment. There are some new problems of course, pay to win premiums are the big thing and wheeled tanks are asinine, but the trend has been largely positive. Before COVID I even had days I played 20 games, a quantity my sanity couldn't endure since 2015 turf.
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    Unconventional WoT Opinions 3

    Arty is worse to play against with stun and rof than it was with higher damage.
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    Unconventional WoT Opinions 3

    Here's one to trigger a lot of people: Despite all its flaws, WoT is actually a really good and fun game, which why despite all the complaining from people here on the forums, you all keep on coming back to play it time after time. It's either that, or you're all addicted harder than a 3-bottles-of-cheap-win-a-day alcoholic and should seek professional help.
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    This is just a repository for collection and eval from myself and other various sources. Will cite as avail UPDATED Aug-24-20 formatting will happen eventually, and prob a split Interesting to note, the BONUSed slot actually contributes to the base tanks stats and not just an extra bit on top. confirmed over much testing and maths. needs testing to confirm if stat warping on bounty/Purple equip. ???? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IAU: note: Functionally only of use on the Leo1 and 103B outside of meme builds it's only final accuracy. aimtime calc has no bearing on actual max or min bloom since it works "per tick" and just get 36% smaller every time Aim time math (confirmed by Minsk. Thanks for the verify 13_Disciple!): original radius * (1/e)^(time passed/aim time)note that its not MAX bloom or MIN bloom values and is ONLY based on the nominal aim time of the tank. the Nominal values dont change with a IAU, just that it can keep shrinking past its value. quick testing shows that the given aim times (roughly 60% zoomed in) remain the same with a IAU or not but that total aim in time takes longer, as expected ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IRM math (in bold) seems to be (but unverified as of yet) ComputedDisp = GunAcc *( SQRT (1 + DispMovingTraverse^2 + DispHullTraverse^2 + DispTurretTraverse^2) / 1.1 ) normal: ComputedDisp = GunAcc * SQRT (1 + DispMovingTraverse^2 + DispHullTraverse^2 + DispTurretTraverse^2) so the valid 'line' seems to be .38 disp + on movement. more testing and maths required to verify that as well. If I (or anyone else) finds out more accurate data please post it here or PM me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- current CVS findings: Cite: Overlord_prime for the original ST3 math, 1.10 data slowly getting refined down Always put optics in your bonus slot if you have it since CVS scales with VR. in the flat open, optics is more useful, in bushes, CVS is more useful CVS only really helps with tanks in cover and moving. stationary tanks still blink out. Mufflers HELP fight off the CVS since the math sees the muffler first (same as camo net) but does NOT fully neutralize it. in the flat open, optics is more useful, in bushes, CVS is more useful Bush math: SpottingRange=ViewRange-(Camouflagevehicle+Camouflagefoliage)(ViewRange-50) so the best bush you can possibly have is 80 and thats stacked bushes CVS vs optics better math: Camocritical= (((1+Optics)ViewRangeCamof)-((1-CVSf)ViewRangeCamof)-(50CVSfCamof)+ViewRange) / ((1-CVSv)(ViewRange-50)-(1+Optics)ViewRange+50) Max bush value is 80% becuase thats how sigma functions work. 2 max (50%) bushes = more than 80% CVS does: 50%*(1-bushnegation) + 10% (1-movingnegation) so if you're a light using bonused CVS: it would be 50.8 + 10 *.875 which is 40+8.75 = 48.75% vs 60% final camo value of the "hidden" tank Base rule of thumb, at 445 VR, CVS just straight up deletes the 15%/20% camo that it says in the garage from the vision checked tank. specifically its a bit more nuanced because it scales with your VR but its close. more VR, more CVS. in the flat open, optics is more useful, in bushes, CVS is more useful thus optics get the bonus slot and CVS helps chew through NLOS cover for maximum utility in pubs Important to note that Purple equip doesn't get bonused no matter what slot they are in. Testing needed to see stat warping on bonus slot? CVS math couresy Daki and Svitman (This copy is mine, if you want Svitmans Actual doc plz PM me for privacy reasons) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qONen69AQx1Pu6cJl_9NKEZNcmk108smIroSnfzkLc4/edit#gid=0 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tank traverse speed math for turbos and grousers! Cited: original test doc and Dr_Oolen, RichardNixon, estik, Sekundenkleber, Paris_Hilton and Vicecomes TRx = (Ee/Es) x Tn x (Rh/Rx) x (Ws/We) x Pc TRx = Real traverse speed (deg/s) Ee = Elite engine horsepower (HP) Es = Stock engine horsepower (HP) Tn = Nominal traverse of a tank, including bonus from clutch breaking, drivers' skill and consumables (deg/s) Rh = Tank's terrain resistance on hard terrain, including bonuses from Ventilation, BiA, Off Road Driving, Consumables Rx = Tank's terrain resistance for terrain one is calculating traverse for, including all the bonuses Ws = Tank's weight with stock modules (kg) We = Tank's weight with used modules (kg) Pc = Pivot coefficient, 1 for non-pivot tanks, 0,95 for pivot tanks Rh/Rx is boosted to the grousers,Ee/Es is boosted by turboTn is helped by IRM and Grousers Turbos boost engine power and also turret and traverse speeds since they are derivatives of engine power. also works for top speed obviously, siege mode too CVS cited: Overlord Prime ST3 dev feedback doc source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17LQIEI4SmxGoaIWEqq-qUlbsBDYX-vy5n5mDw_XuVi8/edit# A note: turbos boost engine horsepower and thus acceleration too. certain tanks (like the E3) are hard capped by the speed and not the engine power so the gains would be minimal other than the raw top speed boost. that said, Grousers have a place in tanks that have poor rotation speed. it's of less use for purposes of acceleration or poor terrain soft stats but still has a purpose. So check out your favorite tanks on Tanks.gg and make a note of the HP and hp/ton. more stuff here
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    The Current State of the T34

    Coming back to this in 2020, this tank is playable, even if underpowered compared to something like the Renegade. While the alpha isn't particularly special anymore, having TD level pen makes a big difference for slapping down new-era bullshit armor schemes clearly built around fucking over tanks with the usual 220 AP/260 APCR pen. I've found that it gets quite a lot out of IRM, given how slow and cumbersome both the turret and hull are. Unfortunate its a HT, so no firepower slot to put it in. Vstab is absolutely incredible, but Rammer, Vents, and IRM are all pretty interchangeable. I want to try out a Rammerless loadout, because I don't think the 140 DPM drop from going from unboosted Rammer -> boosted vents is going to make much of a difference, but who knows. Anyways its still a relaxing tank to play and makes unbeatable credits, whether you run it frugally or not.
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    That is both disappointing and somewhat deceptive on WG's part. This makes IAU terrible in most cases, relegated to dedicated snipers. Even then, I'd probably prioritize other handling pieces, but I generally don't play snipers, so I wouldn't really know.
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    This game was better balanced when SerB was involved. Also WOT Blitz is just straight up a better game. Biggest reason being that the maps are much better and more dynamic. There's no impassable hull-down corridors; every time someone tries there's a pretty easy way to go around them. Makes medium and light tanks much more viable. That and gold ammo is actually balanced.
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