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    Yep, I'd get it if they buffed the pen, but they haven't so its dumb. It's weak enough as it is, a DPM buff is not going to make it competitive, and now they harm the credit earning, which to me would be a nerf to a premium tank so I am surprised they are going to do it.
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    Unconventional WoT Opinions 3

    RNG is good for the game. With out it, some tanks would be more OP. Also it gives you hope that games can be turned from loss to win. And blind shoot ammo racks are fun - sponsored by RNG
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    Unconventional WoT Opinions 3

    Hallelujah I didn't download this game to spot, I didn't download this game to sit in a clicker and drop orbital HE, I didn't download this game to hide in a bush and blind fire a HESH round halfway across the map into somebody elses bush. I downloaded this game to drive my Patton to the rubble pile on Himmelsdorf and see how many people I could punch in the dick before I get punched in the dick. I deal with bush campers all day at work. When I'm home, I want to go toe to toe with Punchy McFacepunch for a while.
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    Short and Sweet Pro Tips

    Even more so when 9.15 hits and you can have x25 zoom. You can actually unbind the shift-key from the settings as well. Nothing is more distracting than having a close brawl and having forgot to change the zoom from x25. That shit is so confusing to my brain..... That being said, I've played combined (10k NA, 5k EU) 15k battles with shift, we'll see if I ever change my ways. My "pro" tip: Don't use XVM, treat every opponent like they are equally dangerous. Sometimes tomatoes pull stuff you didnt expect them to, resulting in you losing HP or the whole tank. Especially win chance on the XVM is cancer, pubbies throw games just cos mod tells them there's no hope.
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