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    I have to say that personally I loathe this game-mode. To me it seems completely retarded when the best way to consistently do well in the mode is to simply run away from everything for as long as possible. Seriously, unless you get the drop on a wounded opponent or can pick off other guys already fighting each other, the best move is to simply not take any fights until you are at least Level 4, ideally Level 5. This is acerbated by the absolute bullshit armour profiles of most of the tanks where you get really weird random bounces on sides and rears with the low-penetration rounds, plus the vision mechanic where tanks are invisible unless you are looking at them, meaning that it is very hard to get away from someone who gets on your rear or engage more than one opponent if you get focus-fired. If I didn't need the tokens to get at least one reward tank, I wouldn't even be playing it.
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    Even after the buffs noone will play it. Compared to Progetto or Bourasque it still sucks. Sure Wehraboos will play it more often. Even compared to the other 280 alpha med TL1LPC it gets the short end of the stick. Panther has dpm but everything else is worse. The Panther was designed and balanced for a game 5-6 years ago. And it was already weak back then. But I don´t think they will increase the price for the shell on the live server. 400 credits more for 40dmg? Nah people will start crying and WG will keep it as it is or only increase the shell costs by the amount of dmg.
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    The T9 made up for it. JT gun on an ST-I? I'll take it. 300 pen APCR. 2k HP. Tiny tank. Mid-mounted turret allowing decent sidescrape. UFP that gives almost anything a hard time. 350mm turret face. Finally, some good fucking brawling. but why is it so muddy
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    Fresh new Leopard PT A nerf just announced:
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    God I wish Rexxie would invite me to their furry sex dungeon
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