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    I felt like i was reading a trump tweet. Away with you, stupid spambot
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    "New" Pearl River Thoughts?

    I never thought it needed to be removed, they just needed to repair some of the OP TD camps overwatching the cap. It was always one of my favorite maps because you could actually flank properly.
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    "New" Pearl River Thoughts?

    Map exclusion menu represents the list of all maps available in the game. You can also give a shot to an article to official Wargaming Wiki, but some data may be incorrect or/and outdated.
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    The 274A looks like a good tier 9 tank.
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    "New" Pearl River Thoughts?

    Make sure you turn encounter off then as map bans only work for standard mode, meaning you can still get Ensk on encounter if enabled.
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    Unconventional WoT Opinions 3

    The new T95 is OP. The progetto 65 deserved the nerf.
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