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    That feeling when you surprise an EBR 105 and frontally ram him in an LT-432 with both of you going full speed. Shot and rammed from 0 to dead. I lost about half health. 10/10 would do again.
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    das MoE ist ein useful metric

    ...for measuring tank performance. I was looking for a tank with really low 3 mark reqs to boost my e-peen () after like 600 games in arta for the marathon when I came across this site: https://www.wotgarage.net/moe-tanks-ranking/8 If tank curves were a valid way to measure how good tanks were at winning games, this would probably be an equally good metric for measuring farming ability. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks liek Looking at tier 8 alone, the best and worst tanks (discounting TDs and LTs) have like a 1K gulf in expected DPG. There are, obviously, plenty of anomalies like black tanks having much higher reqs, reward tanks having borked expecteds, and there are tanks that are legitimately, and somehow, surprisingly strong, for example, there's the Somua which needs like 3.8k combined for the 3rd mark. Equally weirdly, the Defenders don't seem that much worse than the other 2 Soviet monstrosities for getting raw damage, which is not what you expect given the general clunkiness of that thing, and the IS-3A is apparently better at winning games than both of the Defenders (!?) and the 703. In other respects, it merely confirms the general consensus on tank strength: the 3 Soviet prem heavies, are, roughly speaking, equal: the Renegade is a farmer on par with most tier 9s. Oh, and about the CS 52, it turns out to be somewhat worse than expected given the armour profile and the laser APCR, being worse than the Progetto (duh), and a little more surprisingly, the Lansen.
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    "New" Pearl River Thoughts?

    Same applies to Windstorm, in my opinion. That was a decent map that got scrapped after update 1.0/0.9.23.
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    "New" Pearl River Thoughts?

    BLECCCHHH. (I play a lot of lights and fast meds these days)
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