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    I accidentally bought it Edit: Renegade sidegrade that's smol/ 2020 pershing. DPM feelsbad you gain: raw accuracy (worse bloom) smol camo speed: 45 vs 40 on flat ground 268 APCR with even higher shell veloce no tumah you lose alpha goes from outtrading heavies to outtrading meds DPM (~400) bloom bullshit autobounce angles turret loses strength on flat ground
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    Okay, if it was buffed that helps a little. Tanks.gg still has it listed as 0.36 dispersion/380 VR. 0.2 track bloom is bad gun handling no matter how you slice it, but if it has 0.32 dispersion that helps the issue a lot. If WG wants to stop the crying, they need to just stop selling game ruining tanks alongside their new offers. Their "we wont nerf them" attitude towards it all is horrible practice, too. I appreciate all the work they're putting into this tie-in to help sell an otherwise "normal" tank, though.
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