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    Upgrading 4690K rig

    Im being a bit of an Intel snob and not liking the idea of shifting to Ryzen. When I built my current PC, AMDs cpu offerings were crap and I went with Intel. I'm familiar now with Intel, but maybe that doesn't actually mean much at all. Although, I do understand that going AMD will save some cash (EDIT - not if I go with a X570 mobo, thought, lol). In an impulse-fueled rush, I went ahead and ordered a 10600k ($292); the Z490 Tomahawk; and 4x8GB Team Dark X...only to cancel the order this morning after exercising a few brain cells. So, I am waiting, though I can't help combing the web for deals and ideas on this upgrade. I don't need to upgrade right at this moment. Im currently running WoT at 110-130 fps with nearly all max settings and keeping temps in check, so... Maybe a jump to AMD is on the horizon. The $ savings might mean I get to feed my RGB need. You're absolutely right...I won't be upgrading for another 3 years minimum and likely, as with this current build, more like 5 years. On the RAM...what sorts of problems can arise by filling all 4 DIMMs? Ive been running 4x4GB DDR3 since I built this rig and have had no issues. On the other hand, that's merely my user experience. After all the memory research I've done, I do want to try tweaking the memory speed to stretch 3200mhz to 3600+. But I keep getting that advice to go 2x rather than 4x on the RAM. I'll look into that more. My OCD compels me to fill all 4 slots. And right on about the 4690K/4790K...2 years after building this PC I was wishing I had gotten the 4790K. Going 8 cores and 16 threads is 10700K/9900K or 3700X territory, right? That 3700X...it's cheaper than the 10600K for goodness sakes! Whatever CPU I get, I want to be able to OC, so the non-K 10700 just isn't on the table.
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    Upgrading 4690K rig

    Really? We're deleting people's posts now and posting nonsense in it's place? Is this what this forum has come down to?
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    Upgrading 4690K rig

    Few things to note. You are currently CPU-bound for WoT despite being at 1440p/UW. The upgrades below should place you well in excess of 144+. Realistically what is pushing you back is the extremely low clock speed of the 4690k. At 4.0GHz, you can hardly call that an overclock. If you push it to 4.4/4.5GHz you will be fine for WoT/Fortnite/Apex. If you are going to stop at 4.7-4.8GHz, you might as well go AMD (particularly zen 3). Zen 3 is literally around the corner - October 8th. It will be worth waiting on reviews as well as checking out OC-ability. If - for whatever reason - you don't care and cannot wait 2 weeks... Ryzen build ~$618. You can add the Noctua fan from the Intel build to bring the price up to ~$640 for better cooling performance. Intel build ~$678. A little over budget due to adding a Noctua A12 fan for push/pull on the cryorig. If you aren't going 5.0+ on these effectively binned refresh chips, there's no point going with a K series. My strong recommendation - as you have 1440p monitors - is to just go AMD after zen 3 is released as it will open up the used market as well as options for Zen 3 if you want. Also SUPER relevant.
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    That's hardly an exaggeration. To use your examples, the TL-1 has 280 pen on its HEAT rounds + 1,219 shell velocity to slam dunk heavy armour at redline ranges. Raumpanzer fights heavies all day and 208 is not enough. Both the Renegade and CS-52 have railgun APCR modelled after real life APDS, and one can easily achieve a 200-400 increase in DPG by firing full gold and by electing to not gimp yourself by adhering to some fairytale code of ethics in a Belorussian tank game. Making a tank that's mediocre with AP and marginally overpowered with goldspam is not 'pretty well balanced'. It's an example of bad balancing coupled with a thinly veiled intention to make everything more expensive to run.
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    Upgrading 4690K rig

    Seeing that you still hang on to the 4690K, that tells me you probably won't upgrade again in the next 1-2 years. Therefore I 'll point into a slightly different direction. Forget 4x 8GB, instead go 2x 16GB. Nowdays it doesn't make a big difference in price and you avoid the problems that sometimes come from populating all RAM slots on a board. Get 8 cores and 16threads, if you can afford it! There is no question that the 10600K is the "value" gaming king with the 3600X in second place atm. The thing is that new modern consoles will have 8 relative fast and powerfull cores. That tells me the 8 cores might become the defacto standard within 3 years for console ports, and you might and up in a similar situation like now with the 4690K and 4770/4790K. While the 4c/4t CPU sucks balls gaming in modern games especially while looking at frame times, the 4c/8t CPUs from yesteryear are still somewhat relevant. Get a 10700 non-K with "fast" RAM 3200+ on Z490, up the powerlimit, optimize RAM and raise the BLCK to 102.9MHz or get one of the AMD 8cores. The last paragraph is somewhat speculative, my crystal ball is in the repair shop atm.
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    Upgrading 4690K rig

    next gen ryzen's middle offering, it's coming in literally a month. You can just get a current gen ryzen and upgrade and keep the same motherboard if it's compatible. Intel has been stuck for a few years now and arent getting any more gains from 14nm and 10nm yields are still in question. If you need it right now get a ryzen 3600 and upgrade to a 4600x (they may call it 5600x). Also AMD doesn't really do limited quantities like that with CPU's, that's mostly nvidia trying to raise margins on their GPUs.
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    My new favourite pubbie quote: "My WR increases by a significant factor when I use repair kits. I don't in 90% of my battles, because I feel that they are intrinsically no different to using premium ammo so prefer not to."
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    122 TM (Chinese premium MT)

    Fun fact: this thing was actually built and is pretty much the only historical candidate for the Chinese tier 10 med. Fun fact II: it had a 122 mil smoothbore. Lol.
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    sr360's Non-potato games

    @Deus__Ex__Machina this is CVS at its best. T-100LT on Prok with 12.5k spotting.
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