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    Never be in a position where you have to snap shot. Never fight hilly engagements. Never poke good tier 8s or 9s hoping they won't snap your hull because they will. Try to find engagements where you can fully aim, e.g. sniping/supporting heavies. In general, find tanks that are more inflexible than you are and spam HEAT at them. This gives you 2-3 free shots and the rest is just trading 1v1 until you die.
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    Playing the Italian tier 6 again to get XP for the new heavy line. Fucking hell the arty shitters are everywhere. Three per game, 90% of those are M44, with thousands of games in this cancer-spreader. Wargaming still has its thumb up its ass and does nothing. Tier 6 used to be fun. /rant
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    Here are my thoughts during the game, I tried to treat it as if I went into the game so if the criticism's a bit a hard: Post-view thoughts: Get rid of that ridiculous 30x sniper mouse swipe memory you have. (You're looking at the minimap and orienting in the right direction is my first guess?) You miss things you never would have in arcade and I believe it was about 1,5k on map unawareness alone - even from your (not ideal) positioning. That turns this into an OK game for a loss, just on awareness alone. Kran is a good example - I would have killed that guy the first time around so he would have gotten one less clip off that game. Your E4 would still be alive and could get 1-2 more shots off, which brings me to the next thing: Look at the bigger picture more. Chain reactions need to be a part of your thought process. 9-0 was winnable this game the second the Chieftain showed mid. That's information that normally wouldn't be assumed so the average Redshire game doesn't look the same anymore. You're now less likely to win middle - but more likely to win 9-0. Redshire is about map control, as an Strv you need to think about where your best position is RIGHT NOW, not just when entering battle. I do this every 5 seconds, minimap check and brain checks get part of your muscle memory eventually too. This could have been the difference that turned this from a snowballing loss to an even fight. You are an Strv. What's the purpose of this tank? It's dealing damage. That is literally the entire point of the tank - so equip for it. When an enemy makes a mistake, unlike other TDsm you need to get more than a single shot off to make their mistake into an advantage. 0,1s matters here. No food is outright stupid - don't play the Strv if you can't afford to max it economically - it's purpose kinda defeats itself when it's not utilized optimally for it's purpose. If you played a Grille here for example. your game could have been pretty good with your identical positioning and shots you took excluding not backing up in open without a spotted 183 on the map - that can and will sometimes end your game completely. It's not often but it happens - see it coming. Positioning - I saw a potential 7k game when 9-0 (that's 2 minutes before you died and the game was over) was collaping with several two shot tanks - you didn't notice. I can't tell if I was right, but I saw a chance that I could take. These decisions is what can turn games around. Strv's are great for doing just that. The dream of tanks running into you one by one can happen here if you play it out right but your positioning didn't allow for it so the chance won't appear. I hope I gave you a better understanding of how to play this tank. You have mechanics, awareness, decision making and positioning to work on to play this tank in the best way.
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