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    Bounty Equipment

    Bounty IRM all the other 1.0 equipment has an improved/bond form thats better than the bounty variants. IRM is one of, if not the best equipment 2.0 piece. and for the first time ever its being given a better variant. the normal IRM has a 12.5% when put in a corresponding slot/tank type. where the bounty IRM gives a 15% bonus regardless of the slot/tank type. basically its another step up in P2W equipment powercreep, as the bounty IRM when combined with purple Vstab can basically negate dispersion for otherwise poor gun handling tanks. Or even give decent/good gun handling tanks god level dispersion.
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    Measuring the Anonymizer

    There's a difference between XVM focus and getting shot at because you are in an inherently contested position. To deny XVM focus is a thing is downright delusional.
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    Not really. The tank isn't Lowe slow. It's t110e5 slow. Goes 35. Also 50 100 has too long reload and too large clip. 10s for 1 extra shell? Fuck that. Late game the extra shell is useless, early on you can't use it anyway. The gun is what makes the somua. The gun neds a few skills but then becomes reliable
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    I don't know what it is with me liking nominally mediocre French Heavies (I think the M4 54 is extremely competitive) but I've been finding this tank really excellent. For all you lose in mobility (and it's still fair in this regard, 37 kph, which it reaches on flat, is the same as the T110E5), you get an excellent gun. Holy balls this thing lays down mad damage. The gun handling, intra clip reload, aim time and 5 shots on a reasonable reload time just make this gun THE BEST tier 8 heavy tank gun, maybe on par with the Caernarvon. People compare this gun to a Lorraine gun but there's not even remotely any comparison. If you hit 2.5 damaging shots on average in the Lorraine, you hit 4 damaging shots on this tank per mag. The turret is small and the hull armour is pretty good at bouncing shots when you use that smexy -10. This thing has 90mm side! Side scraping is pretty doable in this. What I don't get is how this tank is actually pretty mobile. The traverse is good but it has 12.5 horsepower per ton and not very good soft stats and still can easily reach and maintain 37 kph.
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