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    Some real life stuff kept me busy recently, but I'm back with batteries (mostly) recharged, and so, here it is! The long awaited Degeneracy Corner! Animemes! Gacha games! Vtubers! Feet! All in one place! Whether you're new and just starting to discover your fetishes, or a veteran that finds Haachama vomiting cute, you're welcome here! But enough with the intro and let's a go! I have a bit of a backlog here that dates back to.... I don't even know. Eh... Gilfest? Yes, last day of Gilfest! I felt lucky that day and she came to steal all my monies! Not that I mind but still, stealing bad! Azur Lane and Eskimo event - I thought I won't be able to do that one, so I just rolled the gacha instead... And that was a NOPE, had to grind like mad on the last day... Got some interesting boats anyway! SMOL AND THICC! I will protecc that dangerously short skirt! Another THICC bote. Wait, she uses the triple 152mm? I hate pr equipment... :/ Bel-chan! So pure and innocent! Must! Headpat! The legendary no pantsu meido! Yeah, managed to grind her in the end. That cost me hours of sleep, hopefully her skills are worth it T_T Right now there's a bit of a dead week for me in both AL an FGO - I'm not really interested in muse ships and Shuten caster event... WHY? Why is it locked behind a FRIGGIN' LOSTBELT? Oh ffs... I'm starting Shimosa today... *sigh* Hopefully spoilers work like they should so it's not an imagefest. Oh, and @Haswell I know you'll love this thread. Bonus clip? Bonus clip.
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    One would think a thread like this would help you succeed at Nonstop Nut November.
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