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    Pubbiee are so shit at aiming they'll accidently hit you.
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    Supertest: Kpz 07 RH

    "ay bro you up there talking shit? "
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    Supertest: Kpz 07 RH

    Man this looks kickass! If only it were still 2013.
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    Equipment 2.0 Builds

    The point at which Modified Configuration becomes viable on your average tank is when you can no longer have your ammorack damaged by any one shell. Your ammorack will get damaged as soon as its module HP is lower than the "repaired module hp" stat on that module. Unfortunately this requires stat hunting. Some tanks have a really hard time achieving this. Others have no problems at all. For example, a Chrysler (280 ammorack hp, 190 repaired ammorack hp) with Modified Configuration basically wont get ammorack damaged ever again. A Liberte (250 ammorack hp, 200 repaired ammorack hp) needs Modified Config, Safe Stowage, and the Safe Stowage Directive to achieve the same thing.
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    So today I was rewarded with the "Best Replays of the week" medal ingame incl. the special camo. Sadly I totally forgot which replay I´ve send in and when. Will be a surprise when the episodes airs.
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    Analysis of 9853 Replays

    Since I posted this on the official forums: In 1880 battles: 1.4 arties per game. 351 battles without arty (average battle tier 7.97) 288 battles with three arties (average battle tier 7.64)
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