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    Supertest: Kpz 07 RH

    Tanks a lot WG I can finally get my own German CDC
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    I forgot about one more thing: I never noticed that before, but damn! Circe is SO TINY! 10/10, would become a piggy.
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    I have watched Elite long enough to know money grind should not be a thing at all. Not because of players should or shouldn't progress at a certain pace, is that smaller ships generally don't have an advantage over large ship (understably so.), you cannot balance a ship's cost and operational cost by yet another cost (rebuy). Think of jump range, nobody will say Conda's jump range is overkill in this 20,000+ Ly diameter Milky Way. The only noticeable different is when ships are in combat, other than that, no such thing small ships can do larger ships cannot manage. CR was always a big issue for Elite because Elite itself was never intented to be focusing on that, but variety of activities not locked behind CR wall. That doesn't stop people liking their small ships and personally I prefer this as a state of game than, having large ships locked behind a 1000hr CR grind as it has taken away again, player's ability to choose what they want to fly with in this vast emptiness. Might not sound very good to the game's longevity, yet it doesn't stop AspX being the most flew ship among CMDRs, instead of anything bigger. Python needs that Guardian FSD booster. Price tag wise, most expensive ship to run a Class 5 FSD, not the heaviest, rather light actually,, jump range sits right in the middle among all Class 5 FSD ships, but because it can hold the 2nd most cargo plus a few Class 7 modules, you start to lose quite a bit of jump range.
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    I jumped Painite mine train and in several runs with Cobra(including 1 without shields for extra 16 tons), I made enough for nearly 4 Pytons. Somewhere deep in conciousness it seemed that it was wrong. It just felt that it shouldnt be that really easy to get this rich and buy whatever ship I want(except faction ones) Got Python and so far except for large cargo it doesnt seem that fun. Havent outfitted it really because low jump range surprised me.
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    Most of my current assets, were from Sothis, got my two Condas from there, and my first Cutter within a month. The remaining ones were from skimmers, and mining. Can't tell how bored I was when I did those, weren't as profitable as nowadays 100mil+ methods either. Those were only rougly 60mil/hr with a Cutter.
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    Supertest: Kpz 07 RH

    Its perfectly balanced german T8 medium.
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    Supertest: Kpz 07 RH

    Can we close this thread on that. No one can top that pun.
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    Supertest: Kpz 07 RH

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    WT Pz 4 worship thread

    Hyper necro. This is still a sublime damage farmer. I was expecting it to be crept out of the game, but this is the best bush camper I've played in years. Usually turreted TDs have guns noticeably worse than what casemate TDs have; the waffen IV not only has a comparable gun, it's straight up the best T9 TD gun. If you like big numbers on your session stats, buy this. 3.5k DPG isn't difficult. 4k DPG is definitely possible. I'm at 5k without much APCR, but rolling Prokh once padded that, I have no idea how you'd sustain that much. Rammer/Binocs/Turbo. You can run IRM for quicker target acquisition instead of a more reliable early hit. I don't think the 150 is remotely competitive with the 128.
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    Supertest: Kpz 07 RH

    Gosh. I thought I´ve seen it all. But damn this thing is ugly.
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    Why am I here still. (apologies to PityFool for any behavior of mine during advances)
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