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  1. hazzgar

    Crew 2.0

    This still will be a problem. Especially for lights. If you know there is an enemy light before you in a bush line (ie. Prok) basically the one who gets spotted first dies. So even a tiny difference means a lot
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  2. Ogopogo

    Crew 2.0

    Another idea I've heard before is rather than cap the number of skills, reduce the effectiveness for subsequent ones. For instance, something like skills 1-3 operate at 100%. Skill 4 85% skill 5 72% (example numbers), and so on, so that while you can always gain more skills, subsequent ones are less effectiveness. In this case a 4th skill BOA would grant a 4.25% bonus to crew. Tie this in with reworking bad perks and skills, adding a few more to some crew members, and lessening the exponential experience cost of subsequent skills.
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