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  1. hall0

    Field Modifications

    Ok now my 2 cents. All this changes have the potential to ruin the balance of the games even more. The idea to have several equipment and amo setups is something I like. Amo setups are probably just here to safe some credits from time to time if you are toptier. Other than that I don´t see any benefits or game breaking things. Equipment on the other hand can be a double edged sword. CCs always seem to bring up the scout unbalance when one side on Poko has a Shitcore fully equipt for spotting and the other side does not have such luxury. But what is the difference to now? Bushwanker Sc
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  2. Fuck spammers, sometimes I feel like non mods are lucky they dont have to look at shit like this all the time lol. Fun times going down and permanently deleting 30 spam topics just to clear my recent topics feed.
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