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  1. T49 swaps in 3.5 I actually already had Intuition on both my M53/55 and the T49 due to ... having no other skills for the loader to train. That if nothing else makes the skill worth it once you're done with Bia/Safe/Camo or Repairs because what else is there? FF, sure but then... Adrenaline Rush? Lmao Anyways, I loved Intuition before and I absolutely adore it now - It lets me not have to flex my precognitive skills nearly as hard for what ammo type to have loaded in the T49. It's useless on arty though because the other shell types are meh. As for Sound Det
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  2. Intuition effect is fine but it’s not anything to play around so that alone makes it very bad. Yeah you can reload a 183 shell to a better ammotype - same for clips but nobody in their right mind is going to swap those shells out to gamble a 10% vs a 30 second reload punish.. in that time frame you can always find a way to fire them and THEN swap to the better ammotype If you’re willing to gamble that amount of downtime on that percentage (if there’s no punish for reloading then the skill has no value so downtime should always be assumed) as part of the gameplay it’s basically t
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