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  1. So the real winners of this build (and field modifications) are the French Support Medium Tanks. The Bat25t, Bat25 AP, Char 4 and Bourrasque. With proper configuration they become full on LT worthy - breaking the 40% camo on the move barrier (bLNES), with slotted CVS (once you upgrade to level 6) and bond optics. The view ranges are not quite what you get from LTs at tier (527, 486, 486 and 499 respectively) but they reach the critical amount that you can always have +1 LT on your team if you so choose. Maybe a LT that's too big for EVERY bush that you can put a Manti/T-100/AMX 13 or EBR in...
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  2. I think you've opened the door to my next phase of WOT play. I like playing the AMX13-105 but the gun lets me down 50% of the time I pull the trigger. Today, I put 2 rounds into the back of a 907 at 200m and neither penned. I lose every brawl as at least one round doesnt pen. I can back these statements up with multiple replays from any day I play. The spotting is great with the stealth build, but the damage sucks. On the other hand, the Bat is a better damage dealer but without the exhaust the lower camo makes it noticeably easier to get spotted (and die). So I will field mod it for stea
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