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    Kuroialty This is an interesting perspective but there is one key component overlooked from your analysis that I believe leads you to some erroneous conclusions. In all minor sports low tier play (younger ages/beginners) is dominated by strong individuals and high tier play (older/more developed) is dominated by unified teams. This is pre-dominantly outside of any established “game mechanic” and is directly related to player growth and development. As some point the strength of the team overshadows that of the strong individual. In WoT the DPM-to health may certainly be a contributing factor however the skill progression of the player (and team) has not been addressed and is arguably more important; from simply learning technical skills (drive, shoot), individual tactics (angling, vision, camo, tank set up), team tactics (using spotters, creating overmatches, suppressing fire), team play systems (supporting pushes, holding flanks, defending cap), to strategy (reading lineups, initiating pushes, map meta and counter-map meta, as well as making your teammates useful and better) A high DPM-to health ratio essentially limits the number of decisions a player can make, meaning in low tiers outcomes are even more RNG based since skill has less a chance to assert itself and ultimately it seems to match the targeted player’s development level (in general). Where low DPM-to health ratios at the high tiers provide opportunities for players and teamwork (either coordinated or ad-hoc) to “outwit, outplay, and outlast” other players. Anecdotally, on the Common Test server, where lower skilled players get the opportunity to play T10s (with low DPM-to health) the matches are "fast-paced, fast death, fast kills" much like the lower tiers. There is a culture of players (in any game/sport) who don't see the need to improve because they are happy/complacent with their performance or are just not interested in doing the work to get better, its human nature. They skill cap themselves and as there is no IRL consequence and they really just don’t care. (That's how you get 45k battles and a 47% win rate.) This is also the seed of the 1v29 mentality where players use other players to their own advantage vice to the team’s advantage and where the pub star vs team player discussions often trend to. If you lowered the DPM-to health ratio for low tiers you would still see low tier play dominated by strong individuals even more so because they would have even more chances and more time to outplay opponents. Really, it’s all about player growth and development and where they are on the range. That is why stronger players (further along in development) dominate and why the DMP-to health gives the beginner an RNG chance to contribute. What would be best for the newer player would be a built in training system to allow them to explore maps, experiment, test, as well as provide a training curriculum and road map to success. This is true but not for the rationale given. Players starting with high tier gameplay (fully developed player vice low HP-to DPM) they would be quickly board with the limitations (tanks, maps, DPM-to health) low tiers impose on players and would gravitate to games/levels where skill plays a more important part in successful gameplay. That is almost exclusively the reasons cited for higher tier players considering lower tier play cancerous, the amount of RNG excessive, and the negative consequences of arty. Sometimes it’s nice to be the big fish in the little pond, more developed players can slow down the pace and play of lower tiers and feel rewarded carrying games. It may even be a great place for those players to uninterested or too unmotivated to improve, to hang out. However, as an avenue for player development it quickly hits a ceiling that is not attractive or rewarding to a large proportion of the gamers out there.
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    In this thread on the EU forums (http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/744564-gun-accuracy-is-the-wiki-wrong/page__pid__17850910__st__20#entry17850910) I have someone telling me that your calculations and graphs are no longer correct. In particular he has referred to pictures on this page = https://ritastatusreport.live/comparison-of-last-3-accuracy-changes-with-the-sansbox/ However when I go through on the patch notes that those pictures refer to there is no stated change to accuracy. Have I missed something? Is he right has there been a change?
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    Turn the page(s) Link dump! 6/17/20

    My Norton antivirus flagged tanknumbers.com as a "known malicious web site."
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    Well, there had to be someone to parrot the same stale arguments that I've heard for years. It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so flawed or I hadn't already addressed them. The problem with talking about low tier play as unskilled and high tier play as skilled in the context of minor sports is that in these sports, you are dealing with the same game from top to bottom. Soccer in elementary school is the same game with the same rules as soccer in the World Cup, albeit with larger playing fields to accommodate physical growth. Novice chess players move their pieces according to the same rules as grandmasters. The equivalent scenario in WoT would be to compare low tier random games and low tier tournaments, or high tier random games and clan wars. These are all ways in which two different groups of players operate under the same ruleset, but one group tends to have more refined playstyles than another. The group containing less refined playstyles could be doing anything the refined players are doing, but they won't, because they lack the technical skill and experience to pull off or understand why to do those things, not because the game's rules are different. This is not true when you compare low tier and high tier play in WoT. You can't approach either end of the spectrum in the same way you would approach the opposite, not (merely) because of any skill disparity, but because the differences in tank stats mean the game has changed. If you really think skill is the dominant factor, then you really didn't absorb even the slightest bit of anything I wrote above. Your assertion that high DPM-to-health ratio limits decisions and low DPM-to-health ratio provides opportunities was backed up by zero argumentative content, as was the comment that followed about high DPM-to-health causing high RNG, so I assume you're just coming up with whatever you want at this point. I'll take a guess at where you're coming from anyways. You probably think that a high DPM-to-health ratio, which is another way of saying that tanks die quickly in combat (singles of seconds instead of tens), means that you have fewer options for what you can do because other things you could get away with doing in a low DPM-to-health ratio environment would be punished too severely to be worth doing. This goes back to what I said before about you not being able to approach low tiers in the same way you approach high tiers because they are different games with different "rules". There are, in fact, things you can do in low tiers that can't be pulled off in the same way in high tiers because you have a high DPM-to-health ratio, the most common situation being to hold off a rush of multiple tanks by yourself on your firepower alone. I could easily make similar assertions about how the long reload periods of high tiers limit your decision making because they create long periods of vulnerability, but I wouldn't do this because I actually know better. I'm not interested in doing all your homework for you, so I'll leave you to make a case for the supposedly great RNG that isn't merely built on hot air. The test server is a consequence-free zone unlike the main servers and is no good measure of player behavior. Even if players were acting the way you claim, you may refer to my comment at the end of the data I provided about the time it takes for tanks of tiers 2 and 10 to kill tanks of higher and lower tiers respectively. You are likely comparing test server high tiers to main server high tiers and calling test servers "fast", but compared to low tiers anywhere, it's still slow. I wasn't sure what you were bringing up this pyramid in reference to, so I decided to reverse image-search it. Lo and behold, it's a progression triangle for hockey. Refer now back to what I said before in response to your comment about minor sports. Pee wee hockey has the same rules as professional hockey. Your edit to change programs into tiers is incorrect for those reasons given prior. If you wanted a better labeling system, you could go with solo randoms, platoon randoms, team battles/tournaments, and strongholds/clan wars, but this would still have nothing to do with the DPM-to-health ratio difference between the tiers. The nonexistence of strongholds or clan wars for low tiers, the infrequency of low tier tournaments, and the prior use of low tier tanks in 7/42 team battles as scout tanks only is also not an argument from which follows that low tiers are an environment that does not or could not have elements of team tactics, team play, and strategy. You need only look at any of those infrequent low tier tournaments of seven or more players per team and watch how they play out as a counterexample. Your points about culture in games are all correct and also have absolutely nothing to do with my case for how the DPM-to-health ratio shapes the culture as it exists and players move through the shift. I could rephrase your points so that they would, but I've done enough work for you already. Your remarks about the 1v29 mentality are misguided. If a skilled player uses an unskilled player for any reason, then whether that becomes something for the skilled player's own advantage or for their team's advantage depends on the goal in the mind of the skilled player. If that goal is to win, then in low tiers, you will see skilled players using and sacrificing unskilled players to facilitate the damage-dealing and survival of the skilled player, because their abilities alone are of far greater importance to the team objective of winning than the unskilled player. In high tiers by contrast, you will skilled players open up opportunities for unskilled teammates and take initiative on opportunities opened up by unskilled teammates, because without this proper team play, victory by elimination is impossible. These are both cases of skilled players using the unskilled for the sake of achieving a win for the team. It's purely 1v29 in the low tiers because skilled players know that sacrificing themselves for the sake of someone else on their team is tantamount to throwing the game (in most cases), and thus this decision by the skilled player is done to further the team goal of winning for their side of 15. If instead of having the goal of winning in mind, some player decides to play primarily to push up WNx or DPG or complete an individual mission, then you are dealing with a truly selfish player, but this behavior is not exclusive to any tier of the game. The idea that low tiers with low DPM-to-health ratios would still be dominated by individuals is wrong for reasons I gave last time you said things about that in tandem with RNG. New players now have proving grounds for test driving. Practice rooms for exploring maps have been around for as long as I can remember and there are all kinds of resources here on WoTLabs for reaching a better understanding of the game and how to succeed. You can force-feed this stuff to them by implementing more of it into the game and shoving it in their face, but as you said before, some people just don't care. All of this is besides the point though because it has nothing to do with the DPM-to-health ratio. Not even going to address this paragraph until you can fix your grammar and spelling. You are really deft in these Thank You For Smoking level "I believe we need freedom in ice cream" arguments because this is at least the third time you've tried bringing up something irrelevant. The ability of a game to be attractive or rewarding to the majority of people has nothing to do with its capability to facilitate development as a player. Not everyone can or wants to put up with the strain of becoming a chess grandmaster, a professional poker player, or a StarCraft 2 GSL Code-S contender. If you told experts in these areas that their game is bad because there are lots of people who can't or aren't bothered to strain themselves to become as good as they are, you would get laughed out of the room. Your conclusion was just snarky garbage unsupported by any part of your response before it, so I deleted it. Try again next time.
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    Not sure I would recommend the E4 line myself. I've had a pretty awful experience with it past the Hellcat, though meta shifts and balance changes also leave the performance level of the Hellcat and T67 in question. I think people will have a much better time of giving you suggestions for other lines to get into if you could share what qualities you like about the E4 line or TDs in general and if there are any qualities of other lines that you dislike.
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    My time with the I-Go was mostly around the initial release of all the Japanese heavies, so perhaps that inflated my performance a bit by there being more health to go around. By the same token however, without the large distance maps to render them obsolete, autocannon tanks should have been much more prominent that time as well. Maybe both factors don't quite cancel out though. Even so, I don't feel that's enough to explain why no other clubbers have picked up and taken this tank seriously. Maybe all of the big clan and other big name tier 2 slummers are garbage and can't fight close-range battles or adapt to the new meta. Sucks for them. I've played the French Hotchkiss for a while and am having a lot of success with it. I have yet to get to the minimaus, but I will probably try it out around the start of December. I think it's good. It's not a mode to be taken seriously to the same level as AW's PvE. For my sake, it provides a good opportunity to test some mods and fool around with tanks without having to start a serious match or wait around for a training room. I'm not sure what the XP or credit gain for it is like.
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    SU-100Y: The No Bullshit Review

    Lol, I can see how this is more of an entertaining than informative read. Anyway, I think you could have mentioned how the this huge house of a TD actually shifts quite well with its powerful engine. Also, while the armour is tissue paper on most of the tank, the significant mantlet and slightly sloped UFP can get some bounces at range. Another thing you neglected to mention is the piss-poor gun arc which is a huge issue if one wants to play it as a clunky assault gun. All in all, a fun read, 8/10. And yay since the blogs have returned!
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    Allurai's post about its dominance dates to the vision map era and the influence of the T67/E25 etc has certainly waned since then.
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    Tinder date #1

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    Well, whatever. Thanks for telling us you're not a good enough player to play higher tiers I guess. You're not getting much out of this game if you're not exploring all the tiers.
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    I'm afraid for the future of Game of Thrones

    I haven't seen the last two season due to my wife's aversion to graphic violence, but I've mainly given up on the series just because of the novels. The first three (ok, maybe 2 and a half) are great. It started going bad with book 4 wasting a bunch of time on characters I don't give a rat's ass about. Then book five made me stop caring about the story at all. I've never seen so many pages detailing so damn little actual story. And the amount of shit that he puts the characters through has achieved comical proportions. Either he's just trolling us now or he is in serious need of an editor that can tell him no. Stop with the damn travelogues, stop with the fucking pointless details about every thing everyone is eating, and stop with the damn torture porn. Read Joe Abercrombie books instead. He does grim fantasy better at this point.
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