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  1. Analyzing Purple Players I see a lot of frustration these days from in game chat, mostly when a player sees a good player on the enemy. They look at XVM, see the WN8, look at the win percentage, then type "gg" before the timer even runs out. The problem that this creates is a negative mentality for you and your team. While it is true that a purple is statistically better, it does not guarantee that he will as well as his stats say in any given match. In this article, I will explore how purples tend to play, and give average players tips on how to play with/against better players. Char
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  2. I present to you, the first of hopefully many new collaborative articles produced by the Purple Poster team here at WoTLabs. Today's article is about how one goes about improving and developing their skill in the game and ultimately increasing the levels of enjoyment. @weenis Wrote: I'll start off, and make some of the paragraphs shorter than the response I made to the "skill stagnating" topic. I'd also like to state that it isn't something that happens overnight. This shit takes time, I'm talking thousands of games here. When I first started playing WoT, it was
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  3. Hello reader! If you don't know me, I'm Patient0, a player of clan BULBA. Quick Bio: I started playing 4 years ago, and improved from a lowly 800 WN8, to 4k+ recent WN8 today. When I joined the newly created BULBA back in 2014, I had a little fewer than 10k battles. I've always found enjoyment in performing my best while playing the game, never settling for what my current proficiency. I enjoy coaching others free of charge, but can't find enough time in the day to service everyone, so I'm starting this semiweekly article series dedicated to helping anyone of any skill level improve at t
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  4. Introduction: For how popular of a game as World of Tanks is, I haven't seen many benchmarks comparing different graphics cards/GPUs to the game performance. You might see one popping up every year or two with limited info about testing methods. When I read that 9.14 was going to move the sound processing to another CPU core, I decided that after 9.14 was released, it would be a good time to compare different GPUs. I'm going through the process of using different GPUs with the same replays to compare their performance. For smooth game play you want to keep your minimum FPS(Frames
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  5. kolni

    The Batchat 25t.

    I'll start off by saying that this is a difficult tank to play well. The bloom and time between shells really kills any quick opportunity to deal a lot of damage that every other autoloader gets except for the Foch 155. What it does get in return is more mobility and a higher potential clip damage than the rest of the autoloader bunch (except for the Foch, once again) and that's what you have to play for, every single time. Crew: The crew is small and the tank is fragile meaning you'll need a good crew to stay alive. I personally recommend camo over repairs if you're playing SH/CW a
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  6. This is the last, last extensive guide I'm making. For real this time, I have some other threads in mind for content but not in this manner.. This isn't just for the players the title fits, but it's going to be focusing on these players and why they aren't improving and how to start doing so. For the sake of numbers, I will be using tier 10 for this, but everything applies to the game as a whole. Intro: Great, you're decent at the game. This is where things ramp up a lot in difficulty and where almost all of these players stagnate. Performance in this game
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  7. Assassin7

    The STB-1 - Panzer Vor!

    Original article by @Assassin7 The STB-1 - Panzer Vor! The STB-1 is the Japanese tier 10 medium tank. It is renowned for being extremely gorgeous to look at, having extremely high DPM, and shells that seem to enjoy hitting the ground on fully aimed shots. This creates a very strange tank, one that purely revolves around a gun with extreme strengths and weaknesses, therefore making the STB-1 a challenging tank for many players. The STB-1 was the first Prototype for the Japanese Type 74 Tank, a Japanese version based on the same chassis as the Leopard 1, the tank also
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  8. Original article by @TheMarine0341 Basic Scout Overview Perhaps no other class in the game of World Of Tanks causes players as much frustration as playing Scout Tanks. Often featuring guns well under-powered without the use of a lot of premium ammunition, and now facing up to 3 tiers higher than its own (i.e. tier 4 Luchs fighting tier 7 Heavy Tanks) these tanks are often rushed through or played poorly just to get through them. A better fundamental understanding of how scout tanks could operate at a very fundamental level, however, will ease the pain and frustrations these tank
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  9. Orrie

    T-62A Sport Review

    T-62A Sport (Do mind that this was written 13th of June, 2014) The T-62A Sport is the prestigious tank that you’ll get to drive in the Himmelsdorf Championship. This is the epitome of Russian bias, but sadly for you Americans, it carries no gold whatsoever. But how do you maximize your performance with this thing, in the beautiful sport of Football? Himmelsdorf Championship: This 3vs3 gamemode is based upon the greatest sport on earth after skiing; Football, or soccer for the uneducated, living on the other side of the pond. Both teams spawn in a triangle format
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  10. Original article by @Garbad Kewei, NA's favorite damage whore, recently wrote a guide about how to improve. In a nutshell, solopub in tier 10 and sink until you start swimming. This has generated a lot of discussion, both in favor and against. Accordingly, I am writing this guide to help those people who have already tried the sink or swim method, who have already read the wikis, watched the replays, and so on. In short, my goal is to give greens a roadmap to being bluer, or maybe even purple. GREEN IS THE COLOR OF ENVY For example, I take it as a given that the average
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  11. Folterknecht

    The GW-E100

    The G.W.E100 The GW-E100 is based on the chassis of the E-100. The E-Series was an attempt to standardize the German tank production late in the war. The goal was to create an easier and cheaper to produce line of vehicles for different purposes. The GW-E100 never reached the prototype stage. The GW-E100 has the following main properties which also greatly influence skills and equipment: Worst mobility of all tier 10 artillery (but not by much since the arty nerf in 0.8.6) Good amou
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  12. Original article by @A_Chodeful The Method One of the things that I'm often asked by purples and blues is how to become better, and I could never find a decent response to that question, and always left it to others to give canned advice and tips - this is because these players from my first-hand experience, already knew the basics of the game, they knew how to abuse vision range, camouflage, game mechanisms, and the vast majority of good map spots. In short, they just knew how to play their tanks, very well in fact. So why did it seem that they were stuck in a rut? Because
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  13. Original article by @TheMarine0341 Level: Yellow/Green The phrase OODA Loop refers to the decision cycle of observe, orient, decide, and act, developed by military strategist and USAF Colonel John Boyd. Very often, we'll see actions and behaviors which eventually lead to losses and a TON of frustration with how the game plays out. We then ask "What to do on map XYZ?" and often get the reply "Its situational." What this should imply to the reader is that they need to improve and be aware of how to make decisions in the thick of a fight. I've based my YouTube channel off the conc
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  14. Original article by @Garbad Several months ago I posted an E-100 replay where I did very little damage, yet I claimed I carried the team. Some scoffed, so I explained how I won the game by letting my E-100 get shot up for a long time against a hostile T-57 platoon, which allowed my teammates to flank in and win. That got a lot of interest, and people asked for other examples of when I had a large, positive contribution to winning a match that doesn't show up in the stats. Winning by outthinking the opponent, not by outfighting them. I tried to find a few replays where I contribute
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  15. Original article by @rocketbrainsurgeon A lot of people wonder: how can I get into that top clan? I have a little experience, but I wanted to see how other people got into their good clans too. I'm not interested in what people say to do to get into a good clan, I'm interested in what they actually did. People often give the advice of "get good and then good clans will want you", but there are so few people that actually do it that way! WHAT IS "TOP-TIER"? My definition for "top-tier" or "good" is: Clan is frequently holding land in Clan Wars, receiving gold inco
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  16. Original article by @KraftLawrence Let’s start with a game. This is called the 30 circles game. To set up the game, you take a pen and paper, and you draw 30 circles, 5 rows of 6. Then, the game is that you have 60 seconds to fill in as many circles as possible. There are a few conditions though. First, you can’t cheat. After 60 seconds are up, you must be an honorabru gamer and put your pen down. Second, each circle must have something different in it. See picture below. Someone drew a character from Mario, music notes, etc. You get the idea. When you’re ready, set up a timer and be
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  17. Original article by @Intumesce Crew skills are an important part of the game. They can do anything between extending your view range, to letting you know you're spotted. I'm gonna go through all the crew skills in the game and rank them from best to worst. I'll also tell you which tanks benefit most from which skills. My ranking is based on their usefulness, and I'll be ranking them on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most useful. Let's start off with the 4 crew skills available for every crew member. Firefighting - usefulness: 3 Firefighting does two things
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  18. rocketbrainsurgeon

    Angling Armor

    Original article by @rocketbrainsurgeon It's possible to get super in depth about angling armor, but here's all you really need to know. BASICS OF HOW ANGLES HELP ARMOR Here is the wiki entry on the specifics of armor angling, but I'll try to simplify it here since it contains some things which aren't as useful to know. Angle of Impact (degrees) - Increase in Armor 0 - 100% 10 - 101% 20 - 106% 30 - 115% 40 - 130% 50 - 155% 60 - 200% 70 - 292% 71+ - Auto bounce According to the above chart, just by angling your tank 30-40 degrees you can increase yo
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  19. Original article by @rocketbrainsurgeon "OMG YOU HACK!!!onE!1!!" is shouted practically every game, but if people knew these tricks they'd think a bit differently. SHOOT EVEN IF HE'S NOT ON RADAR, BUT WAS LAST SEEN IN THAT LOCATION If the enemy isn't moving and goes off of radar when stationary, take another shot or three. There's a large chance the enemy is still there. REDUCING RETICLE BLOOM "Bloom" is when the reticle gets larger through movement, but it gets larger in two ways: turret movement and track movement. Try to keep your turret stationary when moving your tr
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  20. Original article by @rocketbrainsurgeon I've grown up playing console games: Zelda, Mario, and Madden games of many systems and decades. Transitioning to computer games, I was top 20 worldwide in Starcraft and top 100 worldwide in Starcraft 2. Playing chess for awhile took me to the top 5% of tournament players in the US. In Magic: the Gathering, I was in the top thousand or so players by composite Standard/Limited rating. I started playing poker on the side, and after awhile I was good enough to spend several years as a professional online poker player. Ov
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  21. Original article by @rocketbrainsurgeon Guys, we're losing. DEFEND HERE! *pings the map* *watches as your team speeds to defeat, when all it took was one person to take 10 seconds to fix the problem* GAME OVER We've all been there: having a great individual game, only to lose because the team just folded like laundry. If only they responded to your instructions! Here's some advice on how to get your teammates, in any game, to be more receptive to you. YOU take the risk. Don't ask your teammates to take the risk Human beings are risk averse: we biologically and fundamen
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  22. Original article by @rocketbrainsurgeon We hear it all the time: "THIS TEAM SUCKS SO BAD" "I can't win with you clowns" "Why do I always get the bad teams?!" The people saying these things are typically, but not always, poor players. Better players do cry out in frustration sometimes, but more often than not they are doing what they do best: carrying the team to victory despite the efforts of their teammates. Let's meet a typical teammate, BOB: BOB works pretty hard at failing and according to his win percentage, he "succeeds" at it most of the time. He
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