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    @Assassin7 i hate wg

    @Assassin7 i hate wg
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    now this is the wr i'm cool with can't tell if it's a good or bad dpg either, tank feels pretty good sometimes and really shit sometimes
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    hey kolni finals are coming up you should study me, with a hordeolum and a need to study: 28h wot session with the sole goal of: mark is around 3,3k, it sorta makes sense because you can farm so well if you shoot sides but holy shit this is by far the most frustrating tank to play in the game, half the tanks you face are literally unpennable for you i have some sleep to catch up on, but it's nice adding this to the collection since there's only 2 of these marks on the server now
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    Fuck everyone that plays WoT

    Fuck everyone that plays WoT
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    Fucking best. M44. https://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/general-news/1st_qt_2019_infographic/
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    the isu130 did not get the memo about new matchmaking, 25 games in that and 20 in t55a today and the isu had more t10 games
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    WG EU have the Lefefefefefe on sale. RIP lower tiers for a while.
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    So now you need to enter a Code for the weekend events. And WG did bother to post the code for 8 hours. JUST FU WG!
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    okay that spambot is gone. welp
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    For you Classic server stat padders out there, pressing CAPSLOCK+0 at the same time during a battle brings up the serverside reticule. Use it to dunk on those T-50-2 wannabes.
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    exiting queue whenever it goes over 15 seconds actually seems to get you better MM, been doing it today and playing tier 9s made me top tier much more often than while not doing it might just be coincidence but it actually seems to work, shorter time in queue could mean MM placing you with more leniency until the queue gets longer and it starts to adjust to put you in batte faster the longer the queue goes, which means worse MM obviously just a wierd superstition, but it actually seems to work which is just ridiculous lol
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    Aaaaaand WG Europe is selling the Defender for 10 days. If they want to kill off the game why not just switch off the servers and get it over with?
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    Stopped focusing on winning and simply getting as much damage as possible. Suddenly the game is more enjoyable and much less stressful. Still getting the wins though.
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    Just a quick 3 Mark nothing to see here
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    this was a decent first battle of the day think ima call it quits already bois (no i did not forget to black out the username, playing this acc for free u merons)
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    bitch lasagna

    bitch lasagna
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