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    Missing the x1.15 twitch love already.
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    Do not fuck with KV-2. Just don't.
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    Measles epidemic 20 years after most countries declared it eradicated because of vaccine use, here we go ._.
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    Apparently 60TPs get an extra 200mm of armour on their LFP when they're played by sub 50%ers, two full 50B APCR clips bounced off of it back to back, didn't hit UFP or beak, just straight up LFP bouncing straight on, it is actually not possible according to tanksgg but I guess the game'll bend its rules to fuck me over like normal
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    dark mode yet

    dark mode yet
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    Frontlines messes up communications. I have chat turned off completely, but this setting apparently does not affect Frontlines, so I get to hear all about my racial heritage and cancer prognosis. And in the post-game panel, right-clicking player names does nothing.
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    And again Frontline is full of crap. Overtime - yes, help those attacking morons who can't their job in time. Artillery strike - add stun because we hate our customers. Losing sector and auto kill - how about giving tanks with max speed below 30km/h perk Last Stand which allows them to fight to the end? Nope, it's better to punish players for playing slow tanks.
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    9th NA scavenger hunt code: KMAPJME7
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    Ground out A-43 to K-91 in 5 days, including all modules. 450k ish exp. 100% booster all the way. Love it
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    FFXIV and a month of sub time is free on twitch prime atm. You don't get the expansions that make it the best currently running MMO, but you do get to roleplay as a horny cat girl.
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    Scavenger Hunt Codes for Feb First code from WOT Weekly THEDUCKISBEST
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    Jesus. Grinding the Black Prince and Bulldog at the same time is new level of masochism.
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    Hate Jap heavies? Just activate the Block 10 mission where you have to damage German or Japanese tanks and you'll never see them again.
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    3moe'd waffle IV, next goal is 3.5k dpg over 50 matches in the 907, and also 3.5k in the batchat.
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    WG: buff E5 Player base: E5 too OP OMG NERF REEEE WG: ok E5 nerfed but we will also add the SConq which is stronger than the E5 ever was even after its buff Player base: lets rush for the OP OP new tank. Zero fucks given about "balance issues" WG: $$$
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    so the chieftain is just as OP as i thought it would be gg WG
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    I got so tired of seeing so many arties that I TKed all 3 of them on my team. No regrets. Feels good man. Oh and I dont care if ruined their game. They just play to ruin mine so fuck them.