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    Baby girl on the way, coming in June
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    This year I gave you my DIY... An epoxy resin + wood + good YT channel = home made pendant for a fiancee.
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    dark mode yet

    dark mode yet
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    Finally discovered the E50, a few years too late.
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    This shot, this freaking shot though lol. I tried to guess where the Skorp G was and blindshoot it, and got this instead...
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    Interesting bit of news... http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/25886/russia-just-imported-more-world-war-ii-era-t-34-tanks-than-they-will-buy-new-t-14s-this-year
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    * logs into WoT thinking "I'll just clear my 110 daily double and get out" * * 7 straight losses later *
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    Terrible Unicum going Live w/ Standard B Grind www.twitch.tv/marine03_gaming
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    I have to say, I love the redesign of the player statistics page and how smooth it looks along with a lot of helpful information regarding what nation you do well with and what tank class you do well with.
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    Researched: Škoda T 50 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 156150. Free Experience spent: 0. Sold: 'TVP VTU Koncept' successfully sold. Received credits: 1,624,086.
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    Perhaps the heaviest things we bring to battle aren't our tanks, but our feelings~
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    I’m so bad at this game, I still catch myself leaning sideways to try and look around corners.
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    What a way to end the P.44 Pantera grind (aka joyride). Two Ace Wankers in a row in the last two games with the tank. First a Pool's Medal as top tier on Redshire and then a 5,400 combined in a tier 10 game on Pilsen pulling victory from what looked like a sure-fire defeat. Feels good man. Standard B about to be purchased.
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    14k combined on tier 10 matchup with 13 105, 7k spot 7k done and they lost it and blamed me for it! I LITERALLY took half their team out alone hahaha
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    Guys, this game is so much fun, I have been enjoying playing an insane amount, nothing gets me down, playing tanks has never been better
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    Arty being useful for once:

    Arty being useful for once:
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    Hey, @Never. Have you heard about the Mining and Smithing rework?