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    With my WoT buddy passing away a couple days ago I'm going to retire my account as playing doesnt feel right anymore. This game has been a huge part of my life the past 8 years and contains many of my worst moments as a person. I'm at a point in my life now where I'm genuinely happy and not the unstable lunatic who took WoT as life or death. Idk how to properly say goodbye to a great friend, but I'm going to start by shelving WoT and its memories. I don't game much anymore between work and rock climbing, so this is a good point to end it. Take care wotlabs, it's been a weird ride from age 17 to 25, but I'm glad it happened.
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    pubbie might be wrong about his hackusations, but his gaydar is on point
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    New siggy: Putting the 'try' in tryharding
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    Merry christmas to all you nerds
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    I think they should add a mechanic that doesn't allow you to post to in- game chat until you do your HP in damage. As a scout main I won't be so biased to count spotting damage toward that total.
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    Back in November I recieved a BRW Camo and probalby some gold as far as I could remember. A single camo is pretty bollocks as you need at least three to make a tank look good. But odly enough I couldn´t find my video in the BRW series WG puts on YT. Weeks have passed but still could not find my replay there. But I got a second BRW camo in the meanwhile. Yeah only one to go and I can fully camo a tank <3 But yesterday I finally got a BRW Stile. Finally a full set of camo for all three climate zones. Checked the WG EU YT channel but still no replay. A clan mate just told me I should check the german WG Channel. And finally I found it. My Emil video was featured in their Dezember video. My 4min of fame
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    Apparently Fadin's medals are like buses - 40k battles without any, then 2 in a month, both with the 13 57 on the SAME MAP: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5690539#studzianki-snoregasm2-amx_13_57 http://wotreplays.eu/site/5718380#studzianki-snoregasm2-amx_13_57
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    37 game win streak in rapid chess yeah i found a new main game
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    Sorry about the errors and blank pages, I've been doing my usual thing of trying to fix something and creating a billion more problems in the process.
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