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    I’m happy about @Rexxiesinglehandedly attempting to resurrect this forum. Next thing you know, I may spot someone other than @Errants in the in-game WotLabs channel.
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    I've been trying to 3 mark the KV-2 R. Every. Fucking. Game. There are 3 M44s per team. If Wargaming is willing to nerf the progetto because there are 3 of them or more every game then why the hell won't they nerf that fucking abomination? There are people running around with fucking bounty equipment M44s that have a 15 second reload. I've seen poor bastards get perma tracked by one of them if they don't have a repair crew. Its beyond broken. Low tier arty is like high tier arty on crack.
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    https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwk4eg2bs0ryd27/yung_xd pta session 4%2C7.zip?dl=0 pretty good for no sleep in 30h...
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    Fuck the tier 8 spaghetti tank is actually getting a buff, I didn't think this was possible. They embedded the rammer bonus into the tank so you can run your third slot as vents and boost everything more
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    Ok Here's my 2020 Steel Hunter Guide: 1.) play french tank 2.) zoom around map picking up everything and killing weak opponents 3.) Go radio recharge, top speed, autoloader, mobility/hp, mobility, pewpew gun congrats you win by doing this you should have 420 consumables and 999 ammo, so just drop everything on enemies at the end.
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    I had just revived my loader before this clicker missed me.
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