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    dealt and spotted 2/3 of the enemy teams HP pool in dmg on my own lol
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    Lets make a gofundme for Dirizon so he can get a keyboard with a functional 0 key.
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    5 battle rental codes for Prem tanks (Works on EU, not sure on NA): https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/08/14/wot-tank-quiz-most-premium-tanks-for-free-rentals/#more-72614 Apparently, clan-related game modes, Frontline and possibly Grand Battles don't count towards the 5 battles, so it may be possible to just play your choice of tank in Frontline. Unconfirmed though, so take with a grain of salt.
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    Apparently sooner or later the day comes when playing video games seems as much interesting as watching paint dry. With some rare exceptions.
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    well it's relevant now.

    well it's relevant now.
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    Grinding my smurf referral account on the SA server is a superior PVE experience to Homefront.
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    Lol this forum is ded

    Lol this forum is ded
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    >summer 2 gacha trolling me hard >5 tickets, 120 sq, 5 damn Hectors and summer Martha wooo >29sq left, I'll do one more 10 roll once I get the quartz >got it next day, one more Hector XDDDDDD >Martha np2 >SQUIRTORIA My first 5* XD @MagicalFlyingFox
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    i cant believe i became one of those mmo nerds, please end me
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