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    My first (legit - capping in an old school T49 on the Port map in 2013 hardly counts) Kolobanov's medal: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5290110#steppes-snoregasm2-bat_-ch_tillon_bourrasque
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    Why is it that 46% shitters are always the tactical genii in chat
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    What a tank, T7 lights are in general good but this is god
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    if i get some free time to spam progetto or skorp i might just be the first person to ever reach a billion credits..
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    i wonder if the is4 is 3markable below 50 games on patchday
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    bring back all chat anonymizer would make it so fun
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    Scientists: "if we dont cut our pollution within the next 10 years its irreversible" Coronavirus: "hold my beer"
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    Just watched Blackadder... Low and behold a wild @Private_Miros appeared in it. Made me chuckle a bit finally knowing what that photo is.
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    This is, by far, the best thing that happened to me in WoT in a long time.
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    Sounds like the entire state of California is suspending classes through the first week of April. People need to calm the fuck down
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    stacked up the apartment with supplies, in case of the upcoming home office i will climb in high diamond all week pepega
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    Triggered as fuck, bahahaha... Fucking wannabes.
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    Poor Miros his team never stood a chance
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    Hi Diriz00000000000n Downvote this one too please
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