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    Hello everyone. Not gonna lie, reading the ban thread made me cry and I still haven't completely read through it. There are many reasons why I love wotlabs and the main reason why is the community. It's not just about the game here, its so much more than that. Thank you all for the well wishes. I think my ban ended last Tuesday, however after that was unfortunately the lowest point in my life and I have been in psychiatric care for the past 9 days without technology. I just want to say I absolutely love this forum and thanks to @Solono for understanding and giving me a second (3rd?) chance.
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    Signed up at WOTLabs to do an AMA, three hours later I have 46 notifications... It's going to get bloody!
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    Bought a new scale, lost 1.5kg. If only it were this easy all the time.
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    Girlfriend visiting. She took an early plane so she was napping, and I was sneaking a few WoT games in. She wakes up and looks at it. I explain her what the game is and she responds: "noooo, look at how they are reacting, that's not people, those are just the computer on your team".
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    He knows...

    He knows...
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    Tfw you call your therapist to tell him you're doing great and are thinking of discontinuing treatment only to find out he died 2 weeks ago. Rip John, the stories of your acid years in the 60's will forever amuse me.
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    WOT GO; hunt players with less than 47% WR in your city, and break their hands
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    You cannot make this shit up. So BTFO.
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    Laptop charger melted. Making paper tanks with my son now..
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    Got permabanned on the official forums without even having 1 strike. The reason?
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    GOD IS REAL https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/23/wot-wg-devs-considering-the-removal-of-the-artillery-class/
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    God rest Poshy's soul. He has brought happiness and joy to many players and people, he will definitely be missed. F
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    100% marks on 62A

    100% marks on 62A
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    Well, i've officially peaked, its all downhill from here bois!
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    Saw a FAME player in EU getting hounded on by pubbies saying report over and over again. Did the honorable thing and used every racial slur in the book to turn their attention to me. Got a 1 day ban for it but so worth it
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    Give me upvotes to feed my soul since its 4am and I havnt had dinner and the house has no food
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    T95 3 MARKED @SchnitzelTruck @Gandaran @Player30
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    So I just no joke had a wargaming employee bitch and moan about me firing apcr in my T95. In case the people at wargaming ever wonder why we have 0 faith in them
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    Bowser made a wanking prem ammo seal. Topkek.
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    TKed a guy who had 99% of his games in arty. FeelsGoodMan.
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    Played another acc yesterday, and randomly started platooning with someone from my old clan that jumped into my channel on their ts. We've been playing for a while and suddenly he's like "do you think it's possible to really be unicum without cheating, pure padding or rerolling?". He was talking about someone on the enemy team with a lot worse stats than the ones I have on my acc. I said I wasn't completely sure. Removing the FAME-tag on that TS has been the best decision EVER. Gonna see how many super unicum sessions in a platoon it takes him to realise that I am sockpuppeting. 0/1 so far. He gave me advice about equipment, food and crew skills - some of them were even right
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    Honest mistake!

    Honest mistake!
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    Best way to close a letter at work: Best retards, ... in my defense the t and the g are very close to each other. Fuck you brain.
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    My car rolled over to 111114 miles today. My wife didn't get it.
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    Yay, first ever 3-mark! \o/ So it's only the VK 3000P at tier 6, but given I've never been anywhere close to 3-marking anything else (and have only managed a handful of 2-marks) I still feel pretty happy lol.
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    may I please say, that if you are one of the assholes who has the Bright blue Xenon Lights in your car, then, on behalf of everyone else in the world that has been rendered completely blind due to the fact you have them in your car, please kindly go fuck yourself. thanks.
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    I'm giving a lecture tomorrow on my University about WoTLabs. Yep.
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    When you don't check the link you retweet http://imgur.com/5hv3KQS
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    Hahahaha WG EU is so fucking incompetent. They spelled the IDEAL/S3AL team's name wrong. It's Knäckebröd (crisp bread) and they wrote Kackerbrod (shitter bread). Holy fucking shit
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    this mark was just ridiculously hard
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    I made a thing

    I made a thing
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    When you randomly meet a really cute girl who you went to highschool with and she asks you how you are and what you're doing. I think I could add up all the lies ive told this past month and it wouldn't even remotely come near how many lies I told in one conversation
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    The best solution against terrorism is to convince the Chinese that terrorists can be used as an aphrodisiac. They'll be extinct within 10 years
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    > Been working on an assignment all day > Decide to make a cup of tea and relax a little > Place full cup of tea on desk > Earth says "fuck you" > Ground shakes > Tea all over desk > FUCKING BLUES MAN
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    I can feel R/O #63 incoming
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    "That was close" Who needs to penetrate anyway, gamedesign at its best. Also, STOP KEMPING etc.
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